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Boyd - US eGaming “further off than we hoped”

During a fourth-quarter earnings call, Boyd Gaming chief executive Keith Smith told eGaming Review that the legalisation of the US gaming market may be “a little further off than we had hoped.”

Boyd Gaming recently entered into a partnership deal with Bwin.Party, signifying both companies’ intent to enter the US gaming market when and if legislation is passed. However, after the announcement that online gambling will not be included in upcoming tax legislation, it looks likely that it will not be legalised until 2013 at the earliest.

This recent announcement has seen Smith consider entering the US market at the state level until federal legislation is passed: “While we believe federal legislation is profitable, we will consider entering the market on a state-by-state basis if that’s how the issue plays out,” Smith told eGaming Review.

So far, Boyd has applied for licenses in Nevada, but provided no comment on legislation in other states.

Despite the setback of an uncertain time-frame, he is still confident: “We are well positioned to take advantage of this opportunity.”

It’s mixed news for online poker returning to the US. While it does mean a longer wait, players can be assured that companies such as Boyd and Bwin.Party will have more time to establish themselves, which should lower the time between the legalisation of poker and the implementation of online sites.

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