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Black Friday Snitch Seen In New York

Daniel Tzvetkoff, the former online poker payment processor who many credit with being the whistle blower in the Black Friday allegations that rocked the Internet poker industry just one year ago, was spotted on a New York City street enjoying a night out with his family.

A Courier Mail reporter approached the 29-year-old Australian, but Tzvetkoff reportedly denied his true identity, saying, “no, that’s not me” and also issued warnings that the reporter would “get in a lot of trouble” if he kept pursuing Tzvetkoff.

Tzvetkoff was last spotted in 2010 in Las Vegas, where the IT tycoon was arrested on various charges, including money laundering and bank fraud that resulted from his clients accusing him of stealing roughly $100 million. Tzvetkoff had been living it up after making millions from his role as a payment processor for PokerStars, Absolute Poker and Full Tilt Poker. Facing 75 years in the slammer, Tzvetkoff made a deal with prosecutors that included helping them build a case against the top three Internet poker sites and his colleagues from other payment processing firms charged in the Black Friday indictments.

Having an abundance of inside information, Tzvetkoff is said to have given the prosecution more than 90,000 documents to bolster their case against the likes of Chad Elie and John Campos, who both recently pled guilty to their roles as payment processors and avoided a trial date where Tzvetkoff was due to testify. Tzvetkoff is still expected to give key testimony as a prosecution witness in the as yet unscheduled trials of poker site honchos Ray Bitar and Isai Scheinberg of Full Tilt and PokerStars, respectively.

Although the exact details of Tzvetkoff’s deal with prosecutors is not fully known, he has been under the authority of the FBI witness protection program since entering into the plea agreement with U.S. attorneys. Just a few years ago, the former Australian media darling was well-known down under for extravagantly flaunting his estimated $82 million in wealth.



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Charles Rettmuller

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