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Another $2 million Seized

The US government has seized $2 million in funds believed to be tied to the Black Friday and Blue Monday indictments. According to reports from North Carolina broadcaster WSOC-TV, the seizure was the result of an investigation in South Carolina that dates back to October 2010.

The accounts were owned by offshore companies Prime Investment Ltd and Trading 24/7 Ltd. Of the $2 million seized, $700,000 has been awarded to the Sheriff’s Office in Greenville County.

The news comes just days after authorities in Geneva seized more than $20 million from accounts tied to Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson, Ray Bitar and Rafe Furst.

Remember When?

A federal grand jury in Baltimore, MD indicted two companies (ThrillX Systems and K23 Group Financial Services) and their owners in May for money laundering and operating illegal gambling businesses. Ten domains, including DoylesRoom and TruePoker, were seized. The indictments were the result of an undercover operation by the US Attorney of Maryland and the state’s Homeland Security and IRS divisions, who created a payment processing business (Linwood Payment Solutions) that handed $33 million in gambling transactions.

Linwood Payment Solutions was located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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