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Alderney Urges Nevada to Consider International Compacts

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission has asked Nevada legislators to amend the current gaming regulations to allow for compacts with International jurisdictions.

Governor Brian Sandoval and the Nevada Gaming Commission have been developing ideas for an interstate compact structure. Last month, the Nevada Gaming Commission made a public request for legally viable suggestions on key issues of the interstate compacts. The two most important issues surrounding compacts were the structure of revenue sharing and taxation.

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission has responded to this public request with its basic view on revenue sharing and an urge to reconsider a restriction on International compacts. The regulator expressed interest in forming a compact with Nevada if the current regulations are amended to allow such an accord.

The gaming commission also argued that the location of the gaming server, as opposed to the location of the player, should be the determining factor in allocating tax revenue. The regulator added that secondary states containing players would still be subject to indirect taxes such as a gaming duty.

The Nevada Gaming Commission has received several responses to its request. Most responses urged the Commission to stress player safety and the segregation of funds.

The Commission also received a response from the CEO of the Automated Revenue Collection System. Gary Mullally argued that the players should be directly taxed based on their physical location. The CEO argued that this system would provide the most effective way to increase revenue for the states.

This response has been considered one of the biggest fears for poker players with regards to regulation. Several players have argued that an extra tax on wagers would essentially lead to unbeatable games. They have contended that an increasing price to play online poker would render the relatively small edges in an increasingly tough game.

Nevertheless, the Nevada Gaming Commission hopes to develop a plan for interstate compacts over the next year. New Jersey and Delaware have also considered ideas for interstate compacts, although neither has made any publicized plans.

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