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Phil Ivey will get one last chance to get his winnings from the Crockfords Casino in London. The UK Supreme Court will allow Ivey to appeal the Court of Appeals decision from November 2016 that upheld the London High Court to deny Ivey’s claim against the casino.

After his November loss, it seemed unlikely that this case would continue, making one wonder if Ivey might actually be able to use his “one time” and suck out on the river.

Ivey Elated to Appeal to Supreme Court

The news of Ivey’s appeal spread like wildfire on Tuesday. The UK Supreme Court has agreed to listen to Ivey’s appeal and he is understandably elated to receive the news.

Ivey issued a statement regarding the appeal, saying:

“Last November’s Court of Appeal ruling made no sense to me. The original trial judge ruled that I was not dishonest and none of the three Appeal Court judges disagreed, and yet the decision went against me by a majority of 2 to 1. I am so pleased that the Supreme Court has granted me permission to fight for what I genuinely believe is the right thing to do in my circumstances and for the entire gaming industry. I look forward to the Supreme Court reversing the decision against me.”

Matt Dowd, one of Ivey’s attorneys, also issued a statement. Dowd revealed:

“Phil and his legal team are delighted that the Supreme Court judges have decided that the Court of Appeal’s decision should be reviewed. The Court of Appeal’s ruling left the interpretation of Section 42 of the Gambling Act totally unclear and the decision to grant permission to appeal demonstrates that the Supreme Court agrees with that view.”

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Supreme Court Appeal Could Have Shifted Odds in Ivey’s Favor

In Ivey’s two previous attempts, the presiding judges essentially ruled that Ivey was not “dishonest” in his dealings with the casino, yet they sided with Crockfords. Looking at the facts of the case, many will agree that there were shenanigans and most attribute it to him being an “advantage player.”

Regardless of one’s opinion about the case, the fact that the Supreme Court is taking a look at the case is huge for Ivey’s chances. The U.K. Supreme Court often will not take n appeal unless it has significant public importance.

As such, it appears that Ivey could have a case. Based on the other rulings, Ivey was not ruled as being dishonest and this could provide an out for the courts siding with him. If this is the case, Ivey’s long battle could finally net him that massive payday earned back in 2012.

On the other hand, the Supreme Court may be taking the case with the intention of clarify the law with the intent of showing that Ivey wasn’t merely an “advantage player” but rather acted dishonestly.

With that said, it would seem unlikely that the Supreme Court would bother to allow the appeal for the simple matter of striking Ivey down a third time. They could simply ignore the request and the matter would be closed.

Instead, Ivey and his legal team should feel optimistic, as the odds may have shifted into his favor. As such, we can see why he skipped the Super High Roller Bowl, as winning this appeal will net him $8.23 million US.

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