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Hippie Jon Andlovec defeated two-time bracelet winner Rod Pardey for the inaugural Super Seniors Event on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Adrian Apmann leads the final five in the $1,500 Extended Play NL final.

The $50,000 Poker Player’s Championship is down to 19 players with Abe Mosseri leading the way.  Also, Jason Koon leads the final 24 in the $1,500 NL Event while Thomas Campbell leads the final 22 in the $3,000 PLO Six-Max.

Jon Andlovec Defeats Rod Pardey for Super Seniors Title

Day 3 of the $1,000 Super Seniors Event started on Tuesday with 25 players looking to make the bracelet. At the start of the day, two big names remained in the field and both players made the final table.

The lineup for the Super Seniors final table was an interesting one. The most notable player at the final table was three-time bracelet winner and 1981 Main Event runner-up Perry Green. Green has just over $1 million in career earnings, tops among players from Alaska.

Rod Pardey is a two-time WSOP bracelet winner and has major tournament scores dating back to the early 1980’s. If you’re from the Reno area, odds are you have played with Jon Andlovec. He had almost $500,000 in career earnings with scores dating back to the late 1980’s with most occurring in the Reno area.

Tom Lock’s last WSOP final table was 32 years ago and the chip leader at the start of the final table, Charles Havens, doesn’t appear to have a recorded cash on record. We must not that many of these players have been playing since before tournament records were regularly kept by casinos, so their stats may be much more impressive but just lost to time.

Here are the final table chip counts at the start of play:

1 Wayne Knyal  845,000
2 Mark Estes  475,000
3 Perry Green  615,000
4 Tom Lock  1,100,000
5 Mark Schwartz  600,000
6 Ted Cohen  1,125,000
7 Rod Pardey  590,000
8 Charles Havens  1,360,000
9 Jon Andlovec  950,000

Perry Green had the most WSOP final table experience among the players at the final but it wasn’t enough to avoid getting unlucky when it counted. Green shoved all-in pre-flop with pocket fives and was called by Tom Lock holding Ah-Qh. The flop fell Qd-6h-2h to give lock the flush. The turn Jd left Perry drawing to just two outs and the river Jh improved lock to a flush.

Charles Havens came into the final table with the chip lead and having never cashed in a WSOP event. He broke through in a big way in this event but fell short of the bracelet, falling in third. He got into a raising war pre-flop with Jon Andlovec that resulted in him shoving with pocket eights. Andlovec made the call with As-Kd. The flop missed both players but the turn produced the Ad, and Andlovec’s aces were enough to take this event to heads-up.

At the start of heads-up play, it was Jon Andlovec holding 6 million in chips versus the 1 million of two-time bracelet winner Rod Pardey. Pardey had the experience but Andlovec had the stack and control of the match. As such, he took the match down in short order.

In the final hand, both players saw a flop of 10h-9h-3h and Andlovec bet out 600,000. Pardey only had about 600,000, so he made the call to put himself at risk. Andlovec turned over 7h-3c for bottom pair and a flush draw while Pardey turned over Ah-8c for a better flush draw. The turn Ks bricked both players but the river 3d gave Andlovec trips and the title.

Known in the Reno circuit as “Hippie Jon,” Andlovec took down the largest prize of his poker career as well as his first title. This event proved to be one of the best of the 2015 WSOP and showed the forward-thinking that has helped the event grow to the showcase of poker that it is.

There’s little doubt that the success of this event will allow it to continue past this year and we look forward to seeing the elder statesmen of this game return next year for another edition.

Adrian Apmann Leads Final Five in the Extended Play NL Final

Event #42, $1,500 Extended Play NL Hold’em, will need an additional day to complete. Day 4 of this event started with 26 players looking to make the final table and Barny Boatman leading the way.

We nearly had another woman at a final table this summer as April Facey battled her way to the ten-handed final. However, she got unlucky at the wrong time to become the final table bubble girl. At the turn, the board was Ks-Qd-5c-Ah and Facey bet 150,000. Adrian Apmann raised to 315,000 and Facey shoved. Apmann made the call and turned over Jc-10c for a turned straight. Facey flipped over As-7s for top pair only and was drawing dead.

Adrian Apmann went on a rush leading up to the final table to take the chip lead into the final table. Barney Boatman was the featured players at this final table. He is looking for his second career bracelet in this final.

Boatman moved into contention early at this final table after a huge double-elimination. Both Artem Metalidi and Ross Gottlieb were all-in pre-flop and Boatman had both covered. Metalidi had the pre-flop lead with pocket queens against pocket tens for Boatman and pocket threes for Gottlieb. The flop produced a ten to give Boatman a set and both the turn and river bricked the other two players to send Metalidi out in eighth and Gottlieb out in ninth.

Kurt Lichtman was the final elimination of the evening. On a flop of 8d-4c-3c, Apmann checked to Licthman, who bet 160,000. Apmann check-raised to 355,000 and Lichtman shoved for his last 1.3 million. Apmann makes the insta-call and turned over pocket fours for a set while Lichtman turns over pocket jacks. The turn and river blanked both players and five players remained.

Play was halted with five players remaining. Adrian Apmann finished the evening with 7.3 million and the chip lead. Barny Boatman is second with 3.97 million. Play will resume on Wednesday and continue until a bracelet has been awarded.

Below are the chip counts for the final five:

  • Adrian Apmann – 7.3 million
  • Barny Boatman – 3.97 million
  • Anthony Diotte – 1.33 million
  • Yehoram Houri – 1.09 million
  • Daniel Buckley – 675,000

Abe Mosseri Leads Final 19 in Poker Player’s Championship

Things are beginning to get serious now in the $50,000 Poker Player’s Championship. Just 19 players remain heading into Wednesday with Abe Mosseri leading the way. A field of 47 players returned on Tuesday hoping to take a few steps closer to the money and one of the most important final tables of the summer.

Numerous big names fell on Tuesday, including David Bach, Michael Mizrachi, Scott Seiver, Ted Forrest, George Danzer and Mike Wattel. By the end of play on Day 3, the money bubble still hadn’t been reached as 19 players remain.

Abe Mosseri takes 1.2 million in to Day 4 with Matt Ashton and John Racener the only other players above 1 million. Other players in contention are Chau Giang, Jean-Robert Bellande, Ben Sulsky, and David “ODB” Baker.

There will be a few intense levels on Wednesday, as only 12 players will cash in this event. Afterwards, the final table should be reached and we will find out who will challenge for the $50,000 Poker Player’s Championship bracelet and trophy.

Jason Koon Leads Final 24 in $1,500 NL – Thomas Campbell Leads $3k PLO Six-Max

Event #45, $1,500 NL Hold’em has just 24 players remaining. Jason Koon will lead the final 24 players into action on Wednesday in hopes of making the final table and playing to the bracelet. Tuesday was moving day as 260 players returned to make the money and the final table.

By the end of play, Jason Koon amassed 1.4 million in chips and will take the chip lead into the final day. Barry Hutter and David Jackson are the only other players over 1 million. Other notables still in the field include John Dolan and Thor Hansen. This event should play through the final table tomorrow and award another bracelet.

The $3,000 PL Omaha Six-Max Event will also have an extended day on Wednesday as 22 players remain. A field of 154 returned on Tuesday in hopes of cashing in the event and making the final table. While the money bubble was burst, there’s still some work remaining to make the final.

Thomas Campbell leads after Day 2 with 1.25 million. Andreas Freund has 1.1 million and is the only other player over 1 million.  Other notables still in contention are Daniel Idema, David Tuthill, Taylor Paur, Ryan Lenagham and Robert Mizrachi. Mizrachi is looking for his second bracelet of the summer but will start the final day as the short stack.

Ferrera Leads $2,500 NL Hold’em – Taylor Leads $1,500 Stud

Two new events kicked off on Tuesday. The Noon event was the $2,500 NL Hold’em event. This event drew a field of 1,244 players on Tuesday, up 6.36% from 2014. After 11 levels, the field had been cut down to 327. Keith Ferrera will return on Day 2 with 187,500 and the chip lead. Other notables returning on Day 2 are Blair Rodman, Fabian Quoss, Stephen Chidwick, Simon Deadman, Barry Shulman, Steve Gross, Doc Sands, Joe Cada, Carlos Mortensen and Melanie Weisner.

The evening event was $1,500 Seven Card Stud. This is the last straight Stud title of the year and the last chance for Max Pescatori to complete the Stud Triple Crown in 2015. This event drew a field of 327 players, down 5.22% from last year. The recent changes in the limit structures resulted in a large portion of the field being eliminated on Day 1.

Only 77 players remain in the $1,500 Stud after Day 1. Brendan Taylor is the chip leader with 95,700. Other players returning on Day 2 are Eli Elezra, Keith Sexton, Huck Seed, David Singer, Matt Grapenthein, Barry Greenstein, Allen Kessler, Bill Chen, Daniel Negreanu, Mike Leah, “The Armenian Express” Chris Grigorian and Barbara Lewis.

NL Takes a Back Seat on Wednesday

Two new events kick off on Wednesday but neither are NL events. The Noon event is $1,500 PL Omaha Hi-Lo. This popular event drew 991 players last year and should crack 1,000 this year. The evening event is the $10,000 Limit Hold’em Championship. This will be a pro-heavy field but with recent trends, it will be interesting to see if it will even match the 122 players that turned out in 2014.

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