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Zynga Real Money Poker App Going To Facebook

Director of Games for Zynga, Sean Ryan, showcased the two new real-money gambling apps today in Barcelona – ZyngaPlusPoker and ZyngaPlusCasino. 

The move represent’s Zynga’s first expansion in to real-money gambling through Facebook and Mobile.

According to StreetInsider, Both applications will be launched solely in the UK to begin with, the timing of which is dependent on UK approvals.

Zynga’s initial launch in to real-money online was widely regarded as a flop

ZyngaPlusPoker already launched as a downloadable client on the Party Poker network in April 2013, although in all truth it’s impact was barely felt within the online poker industry. The product lacked an affiliate marketing program and the launch was generally void of any significant marketing efforts. Additionally, the product itself posed no real social benefits for players, so despite having the illustriously social Zynga brand name, players couldn’t actually get social.

PokerUpdate recently launched an article regarding the future of PartyPoker and their plans to integrate unique social features and place a prime impetus on user-experience. One can only presume that Zynga’s online poker product and PartyPoker will share the same new social features. 

What does the Future for Zynga and its real-money gaming project?

No doubt that Zynga are desperate to get the ball rolling on a project widely regarded as a solution to their share price crash in 2012.

With specific regard to Zynga’s real-money app on Facebook – You can be confident it’ll bring with it an ambitious new attempt to re-invigorate online poker by introducing strong social elements. Additionally, the accessibility which comes with launching the product through a platform such as Facebook and iPhone will surely excite poker players and investors alike.

Zynga hired former 888 executive Maytal Ginzburg Olsha 6 months ago and quickly established a B2B deal with which saw them join their poker network and platform in April. Fast forward to July, the ZyngaPlusPoker and ZyngaPlusCasino apps are the first real tangible asset created on the back of Zynga’s plans to enter the real-money gaming industry.

The new real-money poker app will be kept separate to the current Zynga Poker product to avoid confusion, but one can only presume that Zynga plans on using their massive Facebook liquidity to help drive traffic to their new real-money ventures. 


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