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Svenska Spel Removes all Bonus Offers and Discount Deals

Swedish state-run gaming operator Svenska Spel has taken the huge step of taking away all bonus offers and discount deals from all of its services.

It is part of plans in Sweden to create a more “socially responsible” online gaming market in the country. Svenska Spel appears to be leading the way by removing its bonus offers and discounts, which was done immediately after it was announced.

Svenska Spel CEO Lennart Käll said that the moves were necessary in order for his company to be proactive in preventing what he saw as potential cases of problem gaming in the northern European country.

“We see a clear trend in the gaming market where bonuses and discounts are becoming more common and where game companies are fighting to have the most attractive deals,” Käll said. “The risk is that it is driving increased gambling, which ultimately may include an increase in problem gambling.”

The removal of the bonus offers and discounts from Svenska Spel’s site may make the service less enticing for prospective new users. Despite that, it is unlikely the company will be struggling as a result of their new measures.

Overall profits for Svenska Spel in the first half of the year increased by 4.2 per cent to $388.9 million. It is unlikely that those sorts of profits would drastically decrease over the operator’s decision to remove discounts and bonuses from its site.

Lotteries and sports form a major part of Svenska’s Spel’s business, so poker may not take a big hit or any hit at all as a result of the latest measures. However, it may make it harder for the operator’s poker service to gain any major ground in attracting new players to register.

Svenska Spel’s online poker service currently has a seven-day average of 700 players, according to PokerScout, which puts the operator at fourteenth in terms of online traffic worldwide. It has previously been as high as twelfth, but its relatively stable traffic along with increased traffic at a number of rival sites in recent months has knocked Svenska Spel down two places.

The stable traffic of Svenska Spel’s poker operations for most of this year shows that its bonus offers and deals have not really led to higher numbers on that particular service. Because of that, it is unlikely that the poker service will be majorly affected as a result of the aforementioned measures.

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