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Major Shakeup at etruvian

Gaming Intelligence reports that co-founder Dominik Kofert and 4 other members of the company are leaving immediately in what is sure to be a major shakeup at etruvian.  This comes on the heels of Playtech acquiring many of the assets of etruvian for 38.3 million euros, including but not limited to and its affiliate business that spanned both poker and casinos. Playtech is the sole owner of iPoker and provides software for a few other platforms as well.

Kofert sold his 50 percent stake to the other cofounder Enrique Guzman who is now going to be in charge of all the strategic decisions coming out of etruvian. Also leaving with Kofert are 4 board members who have fairly important decision making ruoles in the company.  Damon Barnard, chief financial officer Joannah Barnard, chief revenue officer Matthew Primeaux, and chief strategy officer Lutz Enke. In addition, etruvian’s head of HR Nicola Valarino will be leaving the company as well.  Employees where given a choice of whether they wanted to follow Kofert over to tradimo and it would appear as if there are a large amount of people who decided to take that offer and follow Kofert.

It’s going to be interesting to see how changes over the next couple of weeks and months with the recent acquisition and then the major shakeup on the board.  These kinds of changes can spell major problems for a company, or it can lead the company into great new opportunities that take it to new levels.  How the new board will be comprised is still something of a mystery, but considering Playtechs involvement they could borrow people and promote from within.  Either way it’s going to be a new direction for this well-established company.

This story is still in the process of developing, and we will keep you updated as things become more clear.  All companies involved in this situation are going to be making changes to how they are doing business and this shakeup will become clearer in terms of total effect as time passes.

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Andrew Schupick