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Las Vegas Sets Record for Wagers on Super Bowl

Las Vegas Sports Books have reported that a record $98.9 million were wagered at Nevada Casinos on Super Bowl XLVII. It has been reported that an estimated $10 billion in wagers have been placed worldwide on a wide variety of betting categories.

The game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens featured several interesting prop bets as well as the traditional point spread (San Francisco -3.5) and the over/under (47.5 total points). The most popular proposition bet during the Super Bowl was the coin toss, which led to nearly $100 million in wagers. Most proposition bets focused on statistics and rare football occurrences such as the safety at the end of the game. However, some wagers focused on interesting topics including the length of the National Anthem, the color of the Gatorade in the ceremonial victory bath, and the hairstyle of halftime performer Beyonce.

The Super Bowl has been an annual day for sports gambling enthusiasts and solid revenue for the Las Vegas Sports Books. For the wagers placed on Super Bowl XLVII, the Nevada Gaming Control Board reported unofficially that the 183 sports books earned $7.2 million on the wagers. Las Vegas Sports Books reported that significant losses were reported in the proposition betting while the typical bets (Over/Under and Spread) led to a solid day of profit.

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