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Joe Hachem: I think poker is dying

The 2005 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event champion, Australian Joe Hachem, doesn’t believe in the future of poker anymore. He launched a full-out attack on the new online generation, questioning their passion and heart for the game.

The Aussie Millions ambassador is saddened by the young generation’s attitude towards poker. He said in a BLUFF interview that they only care about money and themselves and aren’t interested in making the game widely-known and fun for recreational players.

“I think poker is dying and it’s dying because it’s no longer fun for people to play,” Hachem warned. According to the Australian, the new online generation is responsible for this: they don’t talk at the table and don’t entertain the fish, the ones that make it all possible. He also mentioned about bum-hunting and about the new poker pros’ reluctance to play without weaker players at the table. “As soon as the fish walks away from the table, the game breaks online or live now and I witnessed both,” Hachem stated.

He talked about Antonio Esfandiari as a great example of how to behave when recreational players are playing.

The attacks continued with the former WSOP champ saying that the young generation is to blame for the low ratings of the poker TV shows. Only the hardcore players are interested in finesse tactics such as one’s check/raise range or opening range from a certain position. “Who gives a s—? The public wants to know what pushes his buttons, what sort of person is he, when is he upset, how well does he handle victory, is he a calm human being away from the table, what’s his background,” Hachem explained.

What do you think? Is poker dying? Is the new online generation responsible for the regression of the game?

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