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New Jersey players will soon be able to play on PokerStars NJ. Last week, the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement announced that they have approved PokerStars and Full Tilt to offer online gambling services in New Jersey.

With this announcement comes a new level of excitement for the iGaming industry and for the return of PokerStars to the United States. We know you have questions, so below we answer nine questions on everyone’s mind about PokerStars in NJ.

Why Did PokerStars Receive a License? What About Black Friday?

PokerStars received a transactional waiver from the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) following a review of the purchase of the Rational Group by Amaya, Inc. Prior to the sale in August 2014, PokerStars application had been put on hold due to the fact that their founder Isai Scheinberg had not answered charges in relation to Black Friday.

The Rational Group is the parent company for PokerStars and when the company sold, they severed all ties with Scheinberg. They became an Amaya-held company and the DGE’s investigation determined the company was now suitable to offer online poker in New Jersey.

When Will PokerStars Launch?

There’s no official date for the launch of PokerStars in New Jersey but estimates put it anywhere from later this month to sometime in early 2016. One possible launch date would be the two-year anniversary for the NJ iGaming industry.

November 26, 2015 is the two-year anniversary for the launch of the NJ iGaming industry and would be a great day to launch PokerStars. The company could also benefit from the added press over the anniversary.

If this doesn’t happen, expect an early 2016 launch.

What Will Full Tilt’s Role be in New Jersey?

Full Tilt also receiving a license in New Jersey was expected but now experts question what their role will be in the regulated marketplace. Odds are that Full Tilt will be used exclusively for casino games in New Jersey. They may offer online poker but if that happens, we assume they will combine player pools with PokerStars.

Should Full Tilt become casino games only, one has to wonder about the future of Resorts online casino or whether it will merge with Full Tilt. Resorts has been steadily gaining market share in New Jersey since launching in February and one has to wonder what the addition of Full Tilt will do to that growth.

Will Spin & Go’s Be Offered in New Jersey?

It is too early to determine whether the lottery style online poker variant will be offered to NJ players. One possible option for Spin & Go’s would be to make them part of the casino offerings over on Full Tilt.

Since the game is considered a hybrid game merging slots and online poker, it could be allowed as a casino games offering rather than an online poker offering. Expect this to be addressed by the DGE and PokerStars at some point prior to their launch.

Who Can Play on PokerStars NJ?

Only players physically located in New Jersey will be able to play on PokerStars NJ. Rumors that international players will be able to access the site are simply that. It is unknown when or if international players will be able to play with NJ players but don’t expect it anytime in the next couple of years at least.

There is still a chance that New Jersey could join the regulated interstate network that presently includes NV and DE. If that happens and PokerStars is included in the expansion, that would open the door for more players to play on the site.

Who is PokerStars NJ’s Live Casino Partner?

PokerStars and Full Tilt are partnered with the Resorts Hotel Casino in Atlantic City. The partnership was formed in July 2013 after PokerStars’ failed attempt to purchase the Atlantic Club.

Under the new partnership, PokerStars will reportedly build a $10 million poker room in Resorts. Players will also be able to make live deposits and withdrawals at Resorts for both PokerStars NJ and Full Tilt NJ.

Will PokerStars Spread the Same Games as ROW (Rest of World)?

An important question to some players, including this author, is whether PokerStars NJ will offer the same games as the ROW site. At present, other sites primarily spread Hold’em and Omaha with a smattering of Stud.

PokerStars ROW offers nearly every form of online poker you can imagine and it would be fantastic to at least have that option. Odds are that some games will only have micro and low limit games available, but mixed game players deserve an online home in New Jersey. This is a market that other sites are failing to tap into and PokerStars could pick up with ease.

What Tournaments Will Be Available on PokerStars NJ

Just like their ROW site, PokerStars NJ will likely have the largest spread of online poker tournaments in the state. In the early months, expect their guarantees to be in line with other online poker sites in the state. Presently, the largest weekly event is a $50k guarantee. We wouldn’t be surprised to see PokerStars offer a $100k guarantee on a regular basis starting six months after launch.

Also, expect PokerStars to offer several annual events that will rival their ROW offerings. The NJCOOP is the one that’s asked about the most often and we feel is a lock to happen. Depending on what happens with the Resorts poker room, expect online satellites to live events in Atlantic City and other areas.

Garry Gates recently announced he is the new Live Events Manager for North America, meaning that PokerStars does have plans for live events.

Will Players Be Able to Access PokerStars in the Same Ways as ROW Players?

Yes. PokerStars NJ players will have the same options to access the client as ROW players. This means that they can download the client for their PC or Mac or they can access the site on their iOS or Android device via the PokerStars NJ app. You can even play on Linux provided you have WINE 0.9.1 or greater.

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