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What This Year's WSOP Main Event Winnings Can Buy

The fourth day of the WSOP Main Event is now over and the tournament is now down to its final 239 players.

That puts all of the remaining players well into the money since the top 648 players at this year’s event get paid out, but that leaves no room for complacency.

Competition is set to heat up as the remaining players chase a spot in the November Nine and the coveted WSOP Gold Bracelet. Another thing they’re chasing for is the nice prize money that comes with finishing in the late stages of the WSOP Main Event.

With a total of 6,352 participants taking to the felt in this year’s Main Event, the tournament is the smallest it has been since 2005. Despite this though, there is still money to be made as the total prize pool stands at $59,708,800 with $8,359,531 of that going to the first place getter.

That’s some life changing or life enhancing dosh right there, and that’s not just limited to the winner. Like most of the recent WSOP Main Events, just about everyone who makes the final table is set to have a big boost to their bank balances.

To put things in a bit of an entertaining perspective, here is what some final table finishers at this year’s WSOP could do with their winnings – That is before the tax man comes to take their share.

The first player to be knocked out of this year’s WSOP Main Event final table will leave with $733,224. That might be a far cry from $8.3 million, but it’s still enough to buy this four bedroom home on the beaches of Costa Rica. If Latin America is not the winner’s cup of tea, they could get this five bedroom villa in southern Spain for $721,000.

Sixth place in the Main Event stands to win $1,600,792, a great pay day no matter how one looks at it. If the winner happens to be a car enthusiast, they can get nine brand new, top of the range Porsche 911’s. At $172,100 a pop, that still leaves $51,500 in the winner’s pocket, although that would go quickly when the upkeep on the Porsche fleet is carried out.

A cool $3,727,023 will go to the third place getter at this year’s WSOP Main Event, which is more than enough to get a new $2.35 million helicopter from England. With a bit over $1.375 million to spare, the winner can fly the chopper to the south-west of France, where they can purchase this seven bedroom villa or $1.3 million, which has a helipad.  

As previously written, this year’s WSOP Main Event winner will get $8,359,531, which is convenient if they’re a lover of fast supercars. That is because the soon to be released 2014 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport will come with a price tag of $8.3 million, which would easily make it the most expensive car on the market.

If the winner is not a car enthusiast, they could buy this 46 acre island in north-west Florida for $7.9 million, which comes with a Spanish-Mediterranean style mansion. For something a bit more exotic, this 49 hectare island in the Bahamas is currently going for $8 million, as is this 48 hectare gem in the Philippines. The selection just about leaves one spoilt for choice.

Kind of gives one further motivation to boost that chip stack and make the final table in this year’s Main Event.

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