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"WCGRider" and "Sauce1234" Agree to Huge Heads-Up Challenge

Douglas “WCGRider” Polk and Ben “Sauce1234” Sulsky have agreed in principal to a challenge that will allow two of the best no-limit hold’em players in the world to square off against one another. To ensure that the match doesn’t go the way of the durrrr challenge, the two have agreed to complete the contest within a month. Polk has also mentioned that he and Sulsky might be signing a contract just to make sure that it gets done. This move was made with the direct intent to assure fans and bettors that the challenge will get done quickly and there will be no dodging.

The match will be played on Full Tilt Poker and presumably have massive advertising showcasing it. A total of 15,000 hands will be played at $100/$200 and will also have a $100k side bet for extra incentive for each player, just in case the stakes aren’t high enough. As mentioned, they both hope to have it done by mid-October and it should start sometime next week, though the timing of everything is still being finalized, according to Polk. 

The match pits two of the best players right now against each other, and is sure to be excellent viewing for everyone. Currently, it seems that people are giving Sulsky a slight edge, but it’s a very slight edge and there are a lot of people who have been willing to make bets for even money on either, further proving how close this match really is. The betting action has also been pushed along by “Jungleman12” saying he was willing to bet on this match, and by the fact that it is guaranteed to be completed in such a short time frame.

Many people may not be familiar with WCGRider, but he has a strong online presence and strong results to go along with it. He doesn’t really play live tournaments and hasn’t done a lot of interviews, so the general public has been a little less familiar with him. Few players will also sit with him right now, so getting hands in has been a bit hard, which generally gets you less noticed than if you are playing the large PLO games. If you want to know more about him and get a better feel for the players of this match, searching “WCGRider” on 2+2 would be a good start. Some of the threads that he has started are amazing reads and they range from strategy threads he still comments on to insane prop bets and personal threads that will provide a colorful picture of Polk, firmly cementing in everyone’s mind that he is not some faceless online grinder.

Sulsky is no slouch himself, as he has been a dominant player for years and has taken on all comers including some epic matches against “Isildur1.” His graph on the High Stakes Database clearly demonstrates this as he has swung from up as much as $1 million to down nearly $2 million the last few months, and that doesn’t include his statistics from Pokerstars, which tell a similar story of a grinder who is willing to take on any challengers and will play all hours of the day.  He also recently signed with, which is the training site owned by Phil Galfond and has some of the top pros providing content.

This match is sure to grab headlines and make everyone forget about the disappointing durrrr challenge, which is probably a relief to Full Tilt and Tom Dwan.  It’s going to be a close match and will probably come down to the wire, because with the size of the stakes being played, any comeback is going to be possible and heads-up specifically will make sure the swings are in full effect. will provide updates as the challenge progresses to make sure you never fall behind the fast-paced action.

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