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Two High Stakes Threads on 2+2 Catching People’s Attention

A couple of fun high stakes threads have popped up and gained steam on 2+2 over the past week.  Before I write any more, it’s important to remember that these threads are full of rumors, innuendo and at best questionable information, however, there is truth somewhere in there and either way they are a lot of fun.  The first thread is one talking about all the money that Dan Bilzerian has been punting off in the high limit live games, and the second is about the $2k/$5k game running at Aria right now.

The Dan Bilzerian thread is really interesting for two reasons.  The first is that it shows pictures of him with $3.1 million that he lost and then at least another $1.5million he lost, even though it is a little unclear from when these pictures are actually from.  The second reason is you kind of learn where he got all the money form and an interesting argument surfaces about whether he has the money unfairly or not.  Essentially his dad was convicted of losing investors’ money during the 80’s, while other people think that what he was doing is perfectly fine and a lay jury just isn’t capable of deciding a case like that one.  Either way, Dan has a lot of money now, and while some say it isn’t from his dad, it’s exceptionally clear he has a lot of money that he doesn’t care if he loses and it makes great stories for everyone involved.  There is a link to a well he did on 2+2 many years back that will provide some really fun reading and will also allow you to decide for yourself what you think of his story and circumstances, as he tells a different story than what many accuse him of.

Feeding off this thread and possibly very related is the thread about the $2k/$5k game running at Aria right now.  Apparently this game has been going strong for at least two weeks now and people such as Tom Dwan, Gabe Kaplan, Richard Yong and many more have been spotted playing it.  Of course, the rumors of Tom “durrrr” Dwan being bust have been rampant in the thread, and so have the rumors of $50k tips to dealers being standard.  While the rumors of “durrrr’s” busto or not busto nature aren’t so interesting the tipping derail has been pretty interesting and actually had Dwan chime in that he hasn’t really seen any tips of $1k, and most of the rumors are fabrication.  While some other unknowns have come in saying this isn’t so, no one with as much clout as Dwan has chimed in. A recent picture of a tweet from Mr. Bilzerian showing over $9 million in front of him seems almost tacked on to the thread at this point.

These threads are going to be really interesting to read and see develop over the next week or longer, just because it allows for player to live vicariously through players.  If the Macau thread is any indication there will be a lot of stories, rumors and facts trickling out from the games to whet the appetite of the fan boys for everyone.  If you need a way to distress after a long session, I highly suggest reading these threads.

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