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Tom Dwan’s “Big Issue” with Full Tilt

The Aussie Millions poker festival may be nearing the finish line but it still continues to shake up the poker world.

Tom Dwan is the latest professional who launched a bullet and is targeting the biggest online poker company in the world: the Rational Group. Dwan, who is currently playing the high stakes tournaments and cash games in Melbourne, is still upset that Full Tilt Poker dropped him as a sponsored pro almost two months ago and shared with the world some insights about why he and FT parted ways. Or at least he tried to…

“I haven’t been comfortable playing on Full Tilt because I have a really big issue with it. I don’t really want to get into too much detail about it now, I’ll probably be saying something about that soon… Three or four months ago was when I found out how bad the issue was,” the American said in a BLUFF interview yesterday. He was speaking about his online challenge with Dan “jungleman12” Cates and admitted that Cates knows about this “issue” and why the challenge didn’t continue after FT reopened its doors.

Dwan explained that he didn’t want to get into the full extent of the problem because he slept only three hours due to playing poker all night and wouldn’t go into details about something “that important” to him.

Is it a blind bullet fired in anger or is “durrrr” preparing his heavy arsenal?

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