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Tipday Launch Provides Unique Social Sports Betting Site

Sports fans who fancy themselves as successful in the art of predicting winners of sporting events now have a social sports betting site in which to display their talents with the launch of Tipday.

The new betting site is free and aims to revolutionize wagering on sporting events by allowing players to make predictions or tips on a wide range of sporting contests from English Premier League football to NBA basketball. Those tipsters who do indeed show a penchant for selecting winners can earn a number of risk-free prizes that include choice seats to sporting events. is brought to you by 180Vita, whose presence in igaming media and entertainment is enjoyed immensely by punters throughout the globe at sites such as PokerTube, FootballTube and PokerVIP. With the launch of Tipday, the company’s aim is to offer a website where the world’s largest selection of sports betting tips can be found in one place.

“With more and more people becoming interested in sports betting, we wanted to build the world’s largest sports tipping authority to help provide a fun and social way to learn how to make informed bets,” said 180Vita founder Jamie Nevin.

Users of the site will be able to plainly see which tipsters have been the most successful. Players then have the option of taking the advice of the best sports betting prognosticators and perhaps placing real-money wagers to earn some cash while cheering on their favorite teams.

Those real-money wagers can be made right at Tipday, where the best available odds on sporting events can be found from among a variety of popular sportsbooks.

“Sports fans love showing off that they know more than their friends, and Tipday lets them show off their expertise and sporting knowledge without having to risk any of their own money,” Nevin added. “Then, when they’re ready to make real-money bets, they will be in the best possible position to do so.”

While the hard launch of Tipday is generating a tremendous amount of excitement among the sports wagering crowd – both social and real-money – even more exciting is the fact that 180Vita plans to roll out iOS, Android and Facebook apps in Q2 of this year.

Sports betting has taken on a whole new look at Tipday, where social sports bettors can challenge their friends, climb leaderboards and win prizes while providing tips on their way to achieving “expert” status in their preferred sports. Real-money bettors, on the other hand, are privy to a huge selection of tips on upcoming sporting events that can be turned into cash by following the most successful tipsters.

To celebrate the website launch, Tipday is giving users who share the most betslips on Twitter and Facebook two free tickets each to the Premier League football game of their choice. Check it out today at!

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