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Spanish Footballers Robbed After Strip Poker Party

On a list of dangerous sports, poker rarely ranks in the top 10. Unless, you’re game of poker is of the “strip” variety. And unless of course you’re a group of high-testosterone male football players at an international tournament surrounded by plenty of women and plenty of beer.

News reports indicate that one game of poker for Spain’s national team, currently on tour in Brazil for the Confederations Cup, went awry after it resulted in the robbery of around a thousand euros.

The team was celebrating their first group-stage win over Uruguay, after which the team retired to their hotels. They were later joined by a band, a group of women, and plenty of alcohol. According to staff at the hotel, the band was there until 1am, five members of the team and one member of the technical staff then brought a group of women to another room and began playing strip poker.

The next morning, the women had left the hotel along with €1,000 belonging to the players.

Concerned about their reputation and with the images in hand, officials at the Hotel Golden Tulip Recife Palace confronted the Spanish National Team four days later. After reviewing the images Spain’s security chief, Raul Jimenez, and relationship manager of the Hotel Golden Tulip, Eduardo Barbosa, struck a truce and agreed to deny the incident.

But despite the truce, Brazil’s Secretary of Social Defense has asked the Tourism Police to launch an investigation into the incident. More details are expected to come as the investigation continues, but for now images from the camera, which reveal the women and the players involved are being kept under wraps.

So far Gerard Pique, the better half of singer Shakira, is the only player named in the incident – although that doesn’t mean he was involved in the game of poker or with any of the women. It could just be that he was caught out by his fellow teammates indiscretion.

Meanwhile, the team itself has relocated to Fortaleza ahead of their semifinal against Italy.

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