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Rafael Nadal Experiences First Zoom Poker Defeat

Tennis superstar Rafa Nadal suffered his first Zoom Poker loss yesterday in a play money match versus The World on PokerStars, staining his previously unblemished record.

The ‘King of Clay’ had been on his way to becoming the ‘King of Play’ for taking down his first three matches on the play money tables. However, the PokerStars SportsStar showed a bit of clairvoyance when the match began, admitting that he realized that remaining unbeaten on the felt would be a difficult task, PokerStars Blog reported.

Zoom Poker play money players took an early lead against the Spaniard, who has won more than $70 million on the tennis court. Nadal found himself behind 19-11 before winning a hand that he hoped would be the impetus for “an amazing comeback!”

But it was not meant to be for the 28-year-old. Nadal was defeated by The World in a final score of 28-22.

Congratulations. You beat me,” Rafa stated, taking the loss in stride. “I’m going to practice more for the next time.”

That next time will be in three short weeks when Nadal is set to face Brazilian football star, Ronaldo. Hyped as “The Duel” or “el duelo,” that heads-up match is scheduled for November 6 in London.

Ronaldo made the challenge and Rafa accepted. Who will come out on top in the battle of Team PokerStars SportsStars?



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