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Poker Tales With John Rich, Barack Obama, Ray Donovan, Thor Hansen and Larry Flynt

American country singer John Rich fancies his chances in a game of poker with Barack Obama.

The former Lonestar frontman was speaking as a guest on the Fox News political show “Hannity” – where the panel were chewing the fat over Obama’s decision to bomb Iraq and Syria – when the challenge came down.

“I’d like to play poker with the president someday, because it would be so easy to win. He shows you all his cards the entire time,” Rich told Sean Hannity.

Rich prefers his president to keep his cards closer to his chest. A lesson he seemingly learned from his granddad. Rich explains, “My granddaddy was a World War II vet who was a ‘tunnel rat’. He would tell me about going into a cave with a flamethrower. And they did not tell the Japanese, ‘Hey, by the way, we’re coming in with a flamethrower, you might want to get out of the way.’ They just went in, and went and won the war.”

It all seems so simple.

It’s widely believed that Obama is the first poker-playing president to enter the White House since Richard Nixon left four decades ago. The writer James McManus even quoted Obama as saying he was a “pretty good player” in his book “Cowboys Full.”

When you consider that playing poker for real money is still banned in many states, and the online version of the game is still only available in three states, then perhaps Rich is right when he says, “I don’t think the president has to tell us everything he’s gonna do. For God sake, keep something to himself.”

Ray Donovan Butcher Their Poker Scene

Once John Rich has finished taking the American president to the cleaners, perhaps he should set his sights on the screenwriters of Showtime’s American TV Series: Ray Donovan.

What is it with scriptwriters and poker scenes?

The hatchet job continues during Season 2, Episode 10 “Volcheck.” A parole officer, who is on Ray Donovan’s payroll, is playing poker at the Hollywood Park Casino. The river card is dealt, several players fold their hands before the action stops at the parole officer – who laughs smugly before saying, “I’m going to put you all in motherf**ker.”

“Not enough. Not enough chips,” says his opponent.

Not enough chips?

What kind of poker game are these guys playing?

The parole officer takes off his expensive watch, throws it into the middle of the table, the dealer accepts it as collateral, and he goes on to lose the hand full house vs quads.

Where’s Matt Salsberg when you need him!

Larry Flynt Gave Thor Hansen £2m to Organize his Bachelor Party

One man who has picked up a few watches, car keys, and houses during some lively cash games is the legendary Thor Hansen. The Norwegian was diagnosed with terminal colorectal cancer in 2012 and has undergone over 100 doses of chemotherapy in a bid to extend his life.

Hansen was looking as good as I have seen him during the Unibet Open in Cannes where he sat down for a chat with sideline reporter Laura Cornelius (see video at end of article), and his Larry Flynt tales were the stuff of legend.

Talking about Flynt’s local home game, Hansen said, “He had a private game in his home at Beverley Hills. They were playing seven-card stud and he offered to stake me in that game. We did that for 10 years. He would give me $200k to play with every day and we would chop the winnings. We won a lot of money together.”

The former porn heavyweight champion of the world didn’t stop there. Flynt asked Hansen to organize his bachelor party, and Hansen explains, “I arranged his bachelor party. He gave us £2m to party and it became the party that he wanted. When we were done buying all the girls, we had no money for food. It was quite a party. It was crazy, crazy.”

Now that’s a game that you do want to get involved in, John Rich.



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