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Poker Pro with $100k Fends off Robbers ... Twice

While action at the poker table can get quite exciting, it pales in comparison to what happened to Eric Riley while trying to get to the Kennedy airport.

The 32-year-old poker pro managed to elude two robbery attempts of some $100,000 in cash he was carrying in a duffel bag, the New York Post reported. Seems Riley, who is ranked 516th among poker players worldwide by, arrived at Atlantic City’s Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa two weeks ago with a bankroll of $80,000.

Riley’s prowess on the felt enabled him to parlay that into $100,000 by the time he was ready to check out. While apparently skilled at not trusting his opponents at the poker table, Riley seemingly had no qualms about trusting a man he met at the hotel and was known only to him as Junior, who offered him a ride to the airport.

Riley’s travel bags were in the trunk, including the one loaded with cash. When it was time to bid Junior farewell at the airport, the driver apparently unlocked the trunk from within the car, but sped off with the loot before Riley could remove it from the trunk.

The trunk remained open as Junior made his getaway. Riley hailed a taxi, giving the cabbie pocket change of $400 and insisting that the driver “follow that car!” A few blocks later, the taxi driver caught up with Junior at a red light and Riley hopped out and grabbed the duffel back filled with his winnings from the still-open trunk.

A Toyota Camry pulled up to Riley and the two men inside identified themselves as undercover cops. Riley got in the car, only to find that the men were robbers posing as police officers who pointed a gun at the poker pro while demanding his money. But instead of anteing up, Riley jumped from the moving car and made good his escape.

With clothes torn and slightly injured from his rolling getaway, Riley flagged down another cabbie and told his story to the cops – real ones this time. Police are investigating whether the three would-be robbers were in on the scheme together.

How hard is it to stop at the cashier’s cage for a check before heading to the airport?



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Charles Rettmuller

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