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Poker 'Baller' of the Week - Sam Trickett

So here it is, we bring you the Poker ‘Baller’ of the Week Series! We’ll be publishing a weekly article outlining any details of poker players ballin’ out of control.


It’s safe to say, poker players love to spend money, and there’s definitely no shortage of homes, jets, cars, and ridiculous watches.


Let’s start with one of our favourite players of all time, Sam Trickett. Our resident UK boss has $20m in live tournament earnings and God knows how much from his six-week stints in Macau. In an interview a year or so ago, he spoke of winning $3m pots there, along with the fact that he couldn’t buy a house in cash, pretty much because he’s a professional poker player and they wouldn’t let him, which is mad! He’s not new to spending some serious money, and we love it!


There are always fantastic photos floating about on Twitter of him (@Samtrickett1), and his fiancé Natasha Sandhu (@NatashaSandhu) living the life, with want of less of a cliché. We assume most poker lovers will follow Sam on Twitter, but give Natasha a follow, she’s a cool girl!


One of the more recent purchases include Sam’s new Ferrari 458 Spider. Here’s him sitting in it in the showroom and at a photoshoot with it. Also note the personalised number plate: ‘S2 TRX’, pretty cool!



Their other cars include an Audi R8 V10 and a Range Rover Sport. The photo of Sam driving his R8 is pretty funny, as he tweeted a photo of himself behind the police with the caption ‘torture’. We’ve all been there before, having to drive slow behind police, just not quite in an Audi R8! You can see the Range Rover behind Natasha here too.



They also get to spend their time in places like this when Sam is travelling to tournaments. This was in Barcelona fairly recently:



Overall, our favourite poker couple don’t have a bad lifestyle at all..


Antonio Esfandiari (@MagicAntonio) was also photographed recently on a beach in Ibiza, can’t be bad huh? We’re sure his wallet wasn’t dented on the trip after his $18.3m win at the WSOP Big One for One Drop last year.. Sick human being!



Almost every poker player in the world aspires to be like these guys. However, what people don’t realise is that it doesn’t come easy! Guys such as Phil Ivey (@PhilIvey) and the likes didn’t get to where they are now by playing a few hands online when they felt like it.. It takes years of grinding, working on your game, and of course some amount of luck along the way. Keep grinding and striving to improve and you could have a private jet, or a pool like this one day!




That concludes our ballers for this week. We’ll be back next week with more sick purchases and brags, so keep an eye out. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love money?


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