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Phil Ivey in Fun Video with Steve Aoki

Phil Ivey has been getting more involved in social media lately, and his latest exploit is a short vine clip of him playing poker with Steve Aoki.  The video is a really fun watch, because of how staged and just ridiculous it is overall.  What makes it more fun is that it takes two of the top talents in their field and puts them together.


Ivey who is notorious for not taking his media responsibilities seriously has been doing a lot more work the past couple of months and trying everything he can to get off the ground.  He has signed up for an Instagram, been posting on Facebook more and been posting more things to Twitter.  He also appears to be doing all of his own media work this time, as opposed to times past when he had someone doing it for him.  This is a new side of Ivey that we haven’t seen before, but it’s good for everyone watching from the outside.

If you want to get a closer look into the mind of a poker genius, or just see how he spends his time it’s more than worth it to follow him on any of these different platforms.

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