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Nosebleeds Report: Phil Ivey Is Not The Biggest Online Cash Winner Anymore! Who’s Number One?

Yes, many poker pros opted out from having their long term results displayed in the last few years, but we know one thing for sure: online legend Phil Ivey is not the biggest all-time winner anymore.

According to HighStakesDB, Ivey has been in a serious slump since Full Tilt Poker relaunched in November 2012. Yes, his old nickname back when he was a FTP Pro is still number one in the all-time winners’ list. But if we look at his new one, ‘Polarizing,’ and his nickname on PokerStars, ‘RaiseOnce,’ then we can clearly see why he has lost first place.

Last month, for example, ‘Polarizing’ lost over $1.42 million by mainly playing mixed games. Only Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom and Chun Lei ‘samrostan’ Zhou leaked more in April with -$2,019,645 and -$1,785,457, respectively. Since coming back to FTP, Ivey is again third on the losers’ side with -$4,769,378. And if we subtract this number from his $19,242,744 profit prior to Black Friday and do the same with the tiny leak on PS ($47,879), then we are left with a $14,425,487 profit, good enough only for second place in the all-time online cash winners’ leaderboard.

But who’s number one now? The same poker player who thrived after the FTP relaunch, continuing his run started prior to Black Friday. His name? Patrik Antonius. As a member of Team Full Tilt, Antonius won $11,315,549 thanks mainly to some $500/$1,000 Pot Limit Omaha heads-up sessions against ‘Isildur1.’ Before becoming a FTP pro, however, Antonius used to crush the high-stakes games under his old ‘FinddaGrind’ user name, winning over $2.34 million. Since the FTP relaunch, the Finn has added a further $3 million to his gigantic bankroll, surpassing Ivey for a total profit of $16,642,918. Not even his big PS seven-figure downswing (-$1,397,495) where he played under the nickname of ‘Fake Love888’ can dethrone him anymore, topping the Tiger Woods of Poker by almost $1 million ($15,245,423).

In April, Antonius was the most profitable online cash player who didn’t opt out from having his long-term results displayed with $1,801,075. Only one other player had seven-figure earnings last month besides the all-time online cash leader: Austrian Niki Jedlicka. Jedlicka had a great time at the 8-Game tables, winning almost $1.5 million in 18,118 hands.

The number one all-time online cash loser remains Gus Hansen, who has lost $17,630,576 since 2007 on FTP in 1,469,426 hands and 22,669 sessions. The 2-7 Triple Draw and PLO games are his weak spots; at the NLHE high-stakes tables, he lost “only” $1,533,244.

Chun Lei Zhou is the other eight-figure loser in the online poker world. He donated $10,869,288 under his two nicknames on FTP – ‘samrostan’ and ‘patpatpanda,’ and his PS user name of ‘patpatman.’ He doesn’t want to give up, though, as the big nosebleeds private games in Macau provide him the necessary bankroll to continue. Will he threaten Hansen’s reign?

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