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Nosebleeds Report: Gus Hansen On Macau High Stakes, Alex Millar's Money Factor In Big Pots

With all the crazy action going on at the highest stakes in online poker, two of the usual suspects playing the nosebleeds sat out on all tables and shared their thoughts about what has been happening as of late in the land of the millions.

Brit Alex Millar, who plays on PokerStars under the nickname ‘Kanu7’ and on Full Tilt (‘IReadYrSoul’) is one of the players who talked to Card Player about what it means to grind stakes like $400/$800. He admitted that money can become a factor when the pot is six-figures deep:

I mainly just try to ignore the money involved and make the best decision I can, but certainly I am rooting for my decision to be right a little bit more when the pot is big.

Millar’s surprising thinking process is based on the fact that the high stakes action is scarce nowadays and that there is a good chance he won’t get any six-figure action afterwards.

The British cash player also talked about Macau unknown ‘MalACEsia,’ who basically resurrected the No Limit Hold’Em nosebleeds stakes in March. After losing almost $3.78 million in 2013, the Macau gambler returned to the virtual poker felt in the last couple of weeks and surprised a lot of people with his improved game, including Millar:

He improved a lot as he played and by the end there were even times when I was playing three-handed with him and one other and nobody else would join.

The unknown from Macau didn’t play that much in April because of that. According to HighStakesDB, he played only 452 hands in the last week on Full Tilt, losing over $64k. He also played 768 hands on PokerStars and leaked $88k.

As for Millar, he is in the green on both sites, cashing in over $150k in April so far.

The second action seeker who took a break from the online games to talk about high stakes is the all-time online biggest loser Gus Hansen. Surprisingly, he said in a PokerStrategy interview that he actually does care about the money although the leaderboard shows a big eight-figure red number in front of him: $17,657,051 lost on FTP since 2007. Despite the number, Hansen stated in the interview that he still can afford to lose.

He also spoke about the famous Macau private games and confirmed that the pots can go as high as $5 million:

It’s a big game. I mean obviously when you play No Limit and people are fresh, they like to gamble. When you play blinds of $1,300/$2,600, everybody buys-in for 100 big blinds and stacks get deeper and deeper and sometimes people play with a live straddle, obviously it gets very big.

Moreover, the Dane gave the poker community a hint about why he can still afford to lose online. “At least, I’ve been doing well in those games,” Hansen explained.

And those losses keep piling up. He started April in the red-zone by leaking $326,734 in 2,132 hands. Overall in 2014, Hansen is on top of the biggest online losers’ leaderboard with -$2,784,306. Only he and China-based ‘samrostan’ have a seven-digit losing mark this year.

As for the biggest winners, Daniel ‘jungleman12’ Cates is in front in 2014 with $1,026,236. However, big names like Ben ‘Bttech86’ Tollerene, Niklas ‘ragen70’ Heinecker, Alexander ‘PostflopAction’ Kostritsyn, and Kyle ‘cottonseed1’ Hendon opted out from having their long-term results displayed on HighStakesDB, so the yearly leaderboard isn’t that accurate anymore.

Tollerene, for example, enjoyed a very good start to the year and since opting out we can only see his short-term results. The same applies to Heinecker, who was red-hot during a three-day span. He won $1.4 million in three days by hammering his opposition at the $2,000/$4,000 2-7 Triple Draw and Limit Omaha 8-or-Better poker tables. He is up $485,233 in the last seven days. Where would they have been in the rankings if they hadn’t opted out?

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