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Nosebleeds Report: Doug “WCGRider” Polk Atop February Leaderboard, Shares Poker Wisdom

After an entertaining action-packed January, the Nosebleeds grew unusually quiet in the first half of February. No news about Viktor “Isildur1” Blom’s six-figure winning days, nor about Gus Hansen’s losing streak.

But that doesn’t mean the high-stakes online poker tables were left empty. On the contrary, the action continued and it was time for others to fill in the gap and conquer the games. Others like Doug “WCGRider” Polk. Although he played just seven sessions and 574 hands, Polk is the biggest winner of February so far with a $290k profit, according to HighStakesDB. He won over $680k for the year by playing the game that made him notorious in the online world: No Limit Hold’Em.

This was not his only highlight though. Recently, the self-proclaimed best NL Heads-Up player in the world decided to share with the poker community how he thinks about the game, and more specific, what his thinking process was in a huge $467k pot played in October 2013 against “Isildur1.” In that hand, Polk made a hero call on the river in what seemed to be a very dangerous shove by Blom. What made the pot more interesting is that both players were actually 300 big blinds deep at that moment and Polk’s opponent snap-shoved a river that could have completed a straight draw.

However, after careful thinking, Polk concluded that Blom’s range consisted of more bluff hands than value-bets. “Is my opponent the type of player that is willing to put in 300 big blinds, at the highest stakes, against a tough opponent, on a complete airball?” “WCGRider” asked himself as he was pondering whether to call or fold. And since he was playing “Isildur1,” Polk made the call to catch him with busted draw. You can read the whole analysis here.

Besides Polk, only four other players have six-figure wins in February. Full Tilt unknown “bbvisbadforme” is second for $157k, while Dutch pro Noah “Exclusive” Boeken completes the podium with a profit of $117k. “bbvisbadforme” played exclusively NLHE, while Boeken ran the show on Pokerstars at the mixed-game tables.

After a great start of the year, Ben “Bttech86” Tollerene cooled off and won just $115k in the first half of February. Overall in 2014, he cashed in $1.56 million and is only the second player to hit the million-dollar mark after Viktor Blom.

Pokerstars unknown “yurasov1990” is fifth and last with a $100k+ profit in the second month of the New Year.

In the losers’ category, four players have managed to post six-figure red numbers since February 1. “Isildur1” is one of them, losing $232k in 3,600 hands and 34 sessions. Nevertheless, the Swede remains the top winner of 2014 with over $1.92 million.

Unknown “tyme2gamb0l111” is second with -$160k in only 809 hands, while the ever-present Hansen is third. The Dane leaked $156k in 45 sessions and passed the $1.5 million losing-mark in 2014.

Ike “luvtheWNBA” Haxton is next in the leaderboard with -$136k. He was much more prolific on the live poker felt though. Haxton actually made some successful investments in the Aussie Millions high-roller and super high-roller events and managed to cash out a nice profit of over $1.7 million. 

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