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Nosebleeds Report: Daniel “jungleman12” Cates revives “poker is dying” remark, wins big after receiving his FT money

Daniel “jungleman12” Cates is officially a happy camper after receiving his money “in full” as part of the Full Tilt “Green Friday” reimbursement to its US players.

Cates didn’t waste any time and started off the third month of the year at the highest stakes in online poker. He had a huge Saturday session, winning over $600k at the 2-7 Triple Draw tables, according to HighStakesDB. Most of the profit came from playing heads-up with Russian pro Alexander “PostflopAction” Kostritsyn. Overall, in March, he won $1,100,934, becoming the third player to hit the million-dollar mark in 2014 after Viktor “Isildur1” Blom and Ben “Bttech86” Tollerene.

Although Cates can find his way to the biggest online games with ease, on the live poker felt he has difficulties, complaining in an iGaming interview that he can’t get into the Macau nosebleeds games. “If I could I would play the biggest games in Macau as well, but nobody can get into that game,” the American explained. He also agreed with Joe Hachem’s remark stating that the entire online poker industry is dying: “My win rate has gone down by about 25 or 30% since Black Friday and that’s largely due to there being so much less action. I’m not saying poker will die right now, but I think eventually it will happen.”

At the nosebleeds stakes, however, things don’t look that grim at all. Cates is not the only player to have won $1 million in recent days. German Limit Hold’Em expert “Kagome Kagome” is the newest member of the 2014 million-dollar club after having a very busy weekend at the $2,000/$4,000 2-7TD tables. He played against the best of the best, including Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond, Niklas “ragen70” Heinecker, Blom and Cates.

Tollerene has continued his run by adding even more money to his already huge 2014 profits. The Pot-Limit Omaha expert returned to the high stakes tables in March, winning $429,494 in 11,652 hands and 73 sessions. Overall, in 2014, he is very close to reaching the two-million-dollar mark. “Bttech86” is the biggest winner so far with a staggering profit of $1,959,708.

The biggest surprise of the month is the all-time $16-million-dollar loser, Gus Hansen. The Dane is third in the winners’ leaderboard, cashing in over $338k in the first nine days of March. He is also the most active pro, playing almost 23k hands and 124 sessions. However, Hansen still has a long way to go until he reaches his break-even point in 2014. He is down over $1.1 million since January 1st.

After starting the New Year hot, Swedish high-stakes player Blom cooled off in the last two months. He is the biggest loser in March with -$448,984. Like always, he played almost every game type, from NLHE and PLO to 2-7TD and 8-Game. He is on a downswing at the 2-7TD tables, losing big in the last nine days – over $650k. On the other hand, at the mixed-games, “Isildur1” emerged victorious after six sessions and 831 hands, winning $331k.

Unknown “mikki696” is the second biggest loser of the month with -$443k, while Galfond sits in third place with -$364k. “OMGClayAiken” tried his luck at the notorious 2-7TD tables but couldn’t find his winning ways, being crushed by the likes of Cates and “Kagome Kagome”.

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