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Macau Nosebleeds REVEALED: $5 million pots and $800,000 river bluffs

The live high-stakes poker cash games have been surrounded by folklore for years and not even a single pro has been willing to shed light on the matter. From Guy Laliberté secret games where only the best of the best could enter, to Macau nosebleeds stakes with huge downswings like Dwan’s $4 million in a day loss – everything has been shaded with more assumptions than hard cold facts. Until now!

In a recent 2+2 post, user Tom Hall took the liberty to share with the poker community what has been happening in Macau for the past three years. He participated recently in one of the nosebleeds games with the likes of Tom Dwan and several Asian multi-millionaires, talking about endless hours of play and only a few four-hour breaks.

The blinds at that particular game were $4,000/$8,000 “but they had been playing as high as $12,500/$25,000 earlier in the session.” There was over $20 million up for grabs at the table, with the smallest stack having at least $1 million in chips.

The 2+2 poster also talked about the biggest pot he saw there. Things got out of hand after a 10 turn doubled the K-10-7 flop. Big bets and raises followed on the turn and blank river to complete an incredible $5.1 million (HK$40 million) pot. Both players who attacked viciously held A-10 and split the money in the middle.

Moreover, Hall spoke about $700,000 – $800,000 river bluffs “which were treated with much amusement at the expense of the folding player.” Usually, the players going after those games are 100 – 150 big blinds deep to start the action.

Already, 2+2 regulars are making bets as to who’s playing those games. Dwan is definitely one of the them, while controversial poker player Alec Torelli seems to be the community favorite as one of the players who joins ‘durrrr’ in the Macau nosebleeds games. Another notable mention is Hong Kong-based poker pro, Windfred Yu.

Who do you think plays at the highest stakes in the whole wide poker world?

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