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Living The Poker High Life | Antonio Esfandiari Hits up Burning Man, and Vanessa Selbst Gets Married

The last few weeks have brought some great photos and events from professional poker players around the world. Not necessarily all to do with how they ‘ball,’ but more how they spend their money to go on once in a lifetime trips and really make the most of life.

As a lot of you may know, Antonio Esfandiari was back for Burning Man this year. For those of you who don’t know, Burning Man is an annual festival containing the likes of art and music, which takes place in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada.

Judging by this tweet from The Magician, it is common to have no form of communication while partaking in the festival, and just enjoy it for what it is, without any stress.

Antonio Tweet

It seems that it’s a surreal, mysterious experience, which you’ll never really understand unless you go. Participants don funny costumes in the sweltering heat, while enjoying the likes of dances, and huge fire displays.

Antonio at Burning Man

In other news, back to reality with Phil Ivey balling out on Twitter as usual. It seems he’s taken to some sports betting on the new NFL season.

Phil Ivey Tweets

With regards to how much he’s betting, of course we don’t know, but this tweet is pretty funny:

Phil Ivey Wine Tweet

Ivey also posted a photo with the caption ‘Big no drinking bet starts today,’ referring to a huge prop bet he made to not drink alcohol for a full year. The details of the bet are unclear, but some are speculating that it could well be in the millions. 

Phil Ivey no more booze

All things aside, if you can afford to live like this, then what’s a few million dollars on a no drinking prop bet, huh?

Phil grinding really hard here it seems…

Phil Ivey house and grinding

We want this fish tank right now.

One of the more touching stories of the last few weeks has to be the wedding of Vanessa and Miranda Selbst. Vanessa putting her well-earned money to use by marrying her girlfriend of almost four years. Who says poker players always spend their money on useless items? Their wedding was held last week on a rooftop terrace in Brooklyn, NYC. There were plenty of big poker faces in attendance and it seemed to be a fantastic day.

Selbst wedding picture

We love to see poker players putting their money to great use, as much as we love the odd car and watch here and there.

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