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John McCain Caught Playing Poker During US Senate Meeting

Most 77-year-olds have a lot more time to pursue their hobbies, usually as a result of retirement. A hobby of one prominent 77-year-old non-retiree, US Senator and former Republican Presidential candidate, John McCain, is poker.

That hobby was revealed somewhat unexpectedly yesterday as McCain was photographed playing poker on his iPhone during a US Senate hearing on potential US action in the Middle Eastern trouble spot of Syria.

Many people around the world can be found guilty of doing similar stuff at their places of work at one time or another. Let’s face it, sometimes jobs can have their boring patches, especially if you’re in an office or another similar sort of job.

It is highly doubtful, however, that most of those people have not played poker, or other games, on their phones during a high-level government meeting relating to the realistic possibility of military intervention in another country, though.

For those who like their political brain food, and have kept track of the US-Syria debate over the last week, it may be surprising that McCain, of all people, was the one caught. McCain, who was the Republican candidate at the 2008 US Presidential election, has been one of the highest profile supporters of US military intervention in Syria.

Even those who are most passionate about various issues get bored after hours and hours of talking about them, but McCain was able to fix that with a nice little dose of poker.

McCain did not seem to be too fazed by the attention given to his poker-playing exploits, having taken to Twitter to air his thoughts on the general media reaction. “Scandal! Caught playing iPhone game at 3+ hour Senate hearing – worst of all I lost!” he tweeted.

The Arizona Senator also confirmed that he was not playing for real money, having remarked that he “lost thousands of dollars in the game…thousands and thousands of fake dollars.”

Judging by that comment, it is likely we won’t be seeing McCain at the World Series of Poker or any other poker event anytime soon. Despite that, it is still pleasing to know that poker is a boredom killer of choice for a high-ranking politician.

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