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How Poker Players Spend It ft. Dan Bilzerian & Jason Mercier

How about we take a little look into how poker players have been spending that hard earned cash lately. We hate to make it the Dan Bilzerian show, but it can’t really be helped. The guy is the definition of baller. He seems to spend his money on things that only others can dream of. A few interesting photos have appeared on his Instagram as of late.



Dan Bilzerian Bling



This photo went up with him sporting this extravagant watch. Someone asked what kind of watch it was and he replied ‘rm12,’ which means a Richard Mille RM012 watch. Many of these watches can go for around $100,000. Of course, the ridiculously big bottle of Champagne goes without saying.


We also caught a glimpse of how he spent his time at Halloween..


Dan Bilzerian Halloween


We’re not exactly sure if he carved these pumpkins himself, but whoever did, they’re pretty impressive! Bilzerian also has a mini bar underneath his customised TV it seems. Is there really anything this guy doesn’t own?


Oh wait, he also has a brand new Range Rover and Lamborghini Aventador Roadster to name a few of his cars. The two cars total an eye-watering $500,000 combined.


Dan Bilzerian gets some new wheels


Apparently, Dan also had a 20% piece of November Niner Jay Farber in the WSOP Main Event. He stated on his Instagram that he had given Jay $2k of his $10k buy-in for a ‘big sweat.’ Big sweat indeed, Dan. If this is true, it means Dan would have just netted himself a cool $1,000,000. All the more for him to ball even harder, if that’s possible..


Dan Bilzerian and pals take time out for grub


It’s always been believed that his money has come from his father, who dealt in corporate business. Either way, love or hate his confidence and lavish bragging, he has quite a life.


People seem to have the opinion that if you spend your money on the finer things in life, you should also donate to charity. Well, that’s exactly what Mr. Bilzerian has done. He posted on his Instagram that he would be giving away at least $100,000 to people in need this Christmas. Hats off to you, Dan.


Dan Bilzerian gives to charity


It’s also very well-known that many poker players use their money to travel the world and the latest Jason Mercier photos reveal some fantastic views.

Jason Mercier Travel Photos

Fellow PokerStars Pro Eugene Katchalov has also been spending his money in a slightly different way. He recently posted photos of himself playing on the very high tech Poker Pro Tables – Interactive poker tables. We don’t really want to hazard as guess as to how much he and his fellow Pros were sitting down at these tables with, but we can be pretty certain that it was a respectable amount.

Eugene Katchalov tries high tech tables

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