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How Poker Players Spend It ft. Elky Grospellier & Eugene Katchalov

It seems a reccurring theme in the poker world that maybe poker players aren’t as ‘baller’ as they used to be. Are the days of ‘look at my $50,000 watch’ gone? 

We’re now seeing many well-known poker pros doing some great things with their money. There’s plenty of travelling and donating to charity.

Don’t get us twisted. We’re not saying they don’t enjoy a little lavish spending now and again and they certainly don’t have the worst homes in the world. Let’s take PokerStars Pro Bertrand ‘Elky’ Grospellier for example; he and fellow PokerStars Pro, Eugene Katchalov, went for what looks like a fantastic trip to New Zealand. 

Their Instagrams were full of breathtaking photos of the scenery and activities they undertook while there.

Elky and Katchalov in New Zealand

Every poker player’s dream is to take themselves to the top and live the high life, which is certainly what Elky is doing his best to fulfill. He tops the All Time French Money List for tournament earnings, and not without an incredible amount of dedication and hard work. His major success really kicked off back in 2008 when he won the PokerStars PCA Main Event for $2,000,000. He hasn’t slowed down since, winning title after title on the road.

Elky is known for being a very big player in the Magic: The Gathering world, as well as Starcraft. There are many players that come from a gaming background, and it begs the question:

Does the nature of these games help you in the long run with poker?

It seems the immediate answer would be yes, as that realm of gaming involves similar aspects and disciplines to poker.

When we said players didn’t seem to be splashing out, don’t you worry, there’s still some hope for lavish living, as Katchalov posted this view from his New York apartment.

Katchalov New York view

Guesses on how much that cost? A pretty penny for sure, but with $7,500,000 in tournament earnings, he deserves it.

There also seems to be a huge surge of food photos flying about from pros lately, and why not eat well when you’re playing well?

A few quick snaps we caught were from David Williams and $10m badge man Chris Moorman.

Moorman and Williams dine ut

We move away from poker players for a second and give a little mention to the lovely Lynn Gilmartin of the WPT Team.

It seems that she’s living the good life, on par with the big-spending poker pros. She’s been traveling around with the WPT Team for their Alpha8 Events, and why not make the most of it? 

Lyn Gilmartin Pics

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