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Florida Casino Bends Rules for Jackpot Winner

A casino gambler whose name was announced as the jackpot winner of a 2014 Fiat at a Florida casino was initially denied the right to claim her prize when she could produce only photocopies of her identification.

Mardi Gras Casino representatives told Rachel Marom that the rules required her to have valid photo IDs. Marom typically carries only copies of her identification after a robbery several years ago created a hassle in going through the proper channels to re-obtain a green card and driver’s license.

Marom pleaded with jackpot organizers to allow her to go to her nearby home to get the original IDs, NBC6 reported. Her pleas fell on deaf ears as casino reps refused, citing the rules of the promotion that stated winners must be present with valid and original identification.

You cannot be so cruel,” Marom insisted. “I won a car. You told me I won a car, and now you want to take it away from me?”

The casino did. Another name was called and a lady with proper ID drove off in the 2014 red Fiat. Marom was incensed. She claimed to be a three-times-a-week regular at the casino and threatened legal action.

Lawyering up turned out to be the right call, as the Hallandale Beach casino relented within 24 hours and decided to give Marom her prize after all. She received a check for $14,000, the value of the car. The winner had the option of accepting the car or cash and Marom took the money.

I will travel a little bit and pay my debts a little bit and uh, you know, enjoy the money and enjoy the peace of mind,” said a happy Marom.



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