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Coral Advert Seen as Too "Seductive" by ASA

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has again come down on a bookmaker for violating codes of behavior with regard to adverts, this time forcing Coral to pull an ad that the authority deemed to be overly “seductive” in links to gambling.

The ad in question features a shapely young lady sporting the attire of a horse racing jockey as she enters a barber shop while two punters are studying a racing form and preparing to place a wager via Coral on a mobile phone. Her get-up complete with a jockey’s whip, the buxom blonde easily distracts the barber who inadvertently botches a customer’s haircut.

The attractive main character of the advert uses her whip to gently close the open mouth of one of the two astonished punters, as well as touching his cell phone as she bends over. Without saying a word, the comely female jockey touches a screen showing the latest odds before leaving the barber shop.

After receiving a complaint, the ASA viewed the 29-second advert and informed Coral that the ad can no longer be broadcast, The Drum reported.

Because she represented the Coral Interactive brand and was shown playing a seductive role in the scenario depicted, we concluded that the ad linked gambling to seduction and was therefore in breach of the Code,” the ASA stated.

Coral objected, reasoning that the punters were already well on the way to placing a wager before the young lady exposing a bare midriff entered the shop. Coral also claimed that the female jockey in no way seduced or flirted with the men.

The authority was not swayed, citing camera angles that featured her knee-high boots and sexual attractiveness. The ASA has seemingly been working overtime as of late, cracking down on the likes of Ladbrokes, Paddy Power, and now Coral.

Check out the ad here.



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