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Bilzerian BGO Advert Fails to Excite; JRB Wins Weight Loss Bet

When BGO Entertainment announced plans to cast Instagram sensation Dan Bilzerian opposite Verne Troyer in their latest ‘Beat the Boss’ ad campaign, I was pretty excited.

Visions of goats, scantily-clad women, and a peanut butter coated Troyer being fired from a Dan Bilzerian cannon flooded my mind. I guess my ideas are a little too avant-garde for the BGO production team.

The first ad, from a £15m campaign, has been released, and I found it as tepid as bathwater running on an Economy 7 boiler. It can be best described as one minute of nothingness. It wasn’t humorous, it wasn’t glamorous, and it contained nothing of what made Bilzerian famous in the first place. (Watch the ad below)

“I am glad BGO had the balls to do a commercial with me,” tweeted Bilzerian.

The ad was so tame, Johnson’s Baby Powder could have hired him for a commercial.

The one-minute ad shows Bilzerian, a gorilla called George, and a piece of brunette eye candy, ringing the bell to be allowed into Verne Troyer’s casino.

“I am here to see the Boss,” says Bilzerian.

“Bilzerian…I will deal this one,” says Troyer.

The poker player that never plays poker is then led into the casino to play…blackjack! It’s akin to inviting Cristiano Ronaldo to do an ad and then film him doing synchronised swimming.

Bilzerian is dealt 19.

“Not bad but did you beat the boss?” asks Troyer.

“Wait, not so fast…hit me,” says Bilzerian.

A deuce is subsequently dealt, Troyer screams in anger, the gorilla takes the money, and Bilzerian drives away in his Brabus B36S-700 6×6 while you are still waiting for the advert to begin. It was a little like being a woman who has just spent a minute with a young man suffering from premature ejaculation.

“I mean…was that it?”

When the announcement was first made, Richard Skelhorn, co-founder of BGO Entertainment, said, “This year’s addition of Dan Bilzerian is very exciting and provides us a real opportunity to do something very different in the space, to continue to grow the brand internationally and appeal to a wider audience.”

I’m afraid you didn’t follow up on your word, Mr. Skelhorn.

Such a shame for a brand that won the EGR Operator Marketing & Innovation Award in 2013 for their ‘Beat The Boss’ campaign.

Let’s hope the further ads have a little more oomph!

Or is 1 minute all you get for £15m these days?

Jean-Robert Bellande Wins his Weight Loss Bet

Jean-Robert Bellande is no stranger to the Dan Bilzerian lifestyle. The former Survivor contestant, made famous for his brokeliving persona, regularly pops up on Bilzerian’s Instagram timeline, but this time he is in the news of his own volition.

For the past five months, Bellande has been trying to lose 43 lbs so he could win $70,000 in weight loss bets. $50,000 of that bet was made with the Poker Hall of Famer, Bobby Baldwin, and that money now sits in the glove compartment of Bellande’s Bentley after making the weight.

It was only a week ago that Bellande went to Twitter to tell his followers that he was stuck on 254 lbs, and try as he may he just couldn’t shift it. But on 1 Nov. 2014, he weighed in at under 254 lbs and his challengers paid their dues.

Are we going to continue to see a new slim version of Bellande?

“Yum! Goat cheese pastries,” tweeted Bellande, moments after he collected his $70,000.



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