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By now, most poker fans have heard of the #RaiseIt campaign. PokerStars launched it as a result of a video posted by the wildly popular PokerStars SportsStar Neymar Jr that showcased a football trick. His challenge to fellow SportsStar Ronaldo spurred a video response, and it snowballed from there.

Oh yeah? Raise it.

PokerStars launched the #RaiseIt campaign from the original videos and challenged the football stars to continue their light-hearted, fun contest via social media. Meanwhile, as those videos went viral, they encouraged the public to participate, and PokerStars even set up a stand-alone website to highlight the best of the videos.

Of course, since the two original challengers did football tricks, many fans stuck to that theme.


No professional footballer has yet to do any of their tricks in high heels like this woman:


But Neymar Jr turned everything around when he chose to flip an egg from his shoe backwards over his head and into a frying pan. Some fans let their eggs fly:


Why do tricks with a football when toilet paper rolls are so readily available?


Not all videos must be done with balls. Team PokerStars Pro Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier showed everyone how he handles cards:


And there are the basketball players who use the poker strategy of mixing some luck with their skills:

The best is when you surprise yourself with your ability to raise it!

Searching for #RaiseIt videos has become a bit more difficult since the Pittsburgh Pirates of Major League Baseball began using the same hashtag in its own social media campaign. It doesn’t have anything to do with poker, so they should really just #FoldIt, unless they want to do a trick of some kind to compete with Ronaldo and Neymar Jr.

Meanwhile, as the Rio 2016 Olympics play out in Brazil, there are a number of people who really should put together a quick video. Sure, Michael Phelps can win 20-something gold medals (he keeps winning as I try to finish this article), but can he combine his superhuman swimming ability with some chip tricks? Can Simone Biles vault past a Carlos Mortensen-built chip stack without moving a single chip?

The next challenge – since competing against the world’s best athletes isn’t enough of a challenge – must be for any Olympic gold medalist from the Rio games to #RaiseIt.

For our readers, if you have a #RaiseIt video that hasn’t gotten the attention you believe it deserves, let us know! We want to see your special athletic talents.


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