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As poker players, we all love to “raise it.” A raise can either create a bigger pot or take down the hand right away. Either event, it makes the game more exciting.

Knowing this, PokerStars decided that it would be fun to have some of their ambassadors “raise it” and challenge each other in various athletic challenges. As such, the #raiseit campaign was born. Continue reading to learn more about this fun new campaign from PokerStars and how you can participate.

What is #raiseit?

The #raiseit Campaign by PokerStars is a social media campaign where players and fans of poker submit videos on social media showing off their unique talents while challenging friends, foes or even complete strangers to try and one up them.

It all started with PokerStars SportStars Neymar Jr and Ronaldo posting videos and playfully challenging each other to #raiseit. Now, players and fans all over the world are posting their own #raiseit videos and joining in the fun.

PokerStars has also launched, a site featuring videos from Neymar Jr, Ronaldo and from players all around the world.


How You Can Participate

Fans can participate in a couple of ways. First, you can post your challenge video to social media using the tag #raiseit.

If you want to take part in the various challenges on, you can films your video and then post it to the website.  Currently you can take part in the following challenges:

  • Football Challenge
  • Tennis / Bucket Challenge
  • Drone Challenge
  • Glasses & Cup Challenge
  • Table Cloth & Toothbrush Challenge
  • Egg / Teabag Challenge


Why Should You #raiseit?

Besides being fun, PokerStars’ #raiseit campaign is a way to apply poker skills to everyday life. Associate Director of Advertising at PokerStars Simon Tidbury made a great point about this stating, “The #raiseit campaign encourages individuals to up the stakes by outsmarting a friend, a hero, or even a stranger.

With #raiseit Neymar Jr and Ronaldo are essentially playing poker, but without the chips and cards. Poker skills transcend to many areas of life as reaching any personal goal takes patience, focus, determination and courage.

We’re used to seeing poker players #raiseit on the felt, but the essence can be applied to any scenario or talent. We are extremely pleased with the huge number of views, high engagement scores and internet responses to the videos so far and look forward to seeing this continue.”

Continue to #raiseit By Playing on PokerStars

It wouldn’t be a PokerStars campaign if it didn’t involve some type of hook to get players to play online poker at PokerStars. When you go to the website, you will see a little link stating “Like raising it? You’ll love poker.” By clicking the link provided, you will be taken over to their latest promo involving Knockout Poker.

Knockout Poker is full-ring game style hyper-turbo Sit & Go tournaments with bounties. Each time you knock a player out, you get the bounty for that player as a cash prize. If you make the top three in the tournament, you receive part of the standard prize pool.

The purpose of these events is to knock out players in addition to winning the event. In fact, if you do not knock out any players, you have to finish at least second or better in order to turn a profit in the game.

If you’re fortunate enough to win the game, you will receive top prize money along with your own bounty (and the other bounties you collected in the event.) These games do have some variance, but aggressive players do tend to perform better later in these events.

To learn more about PokerStars’ #raiseit campaign, head over to


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