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The Global Poker League’s Summer Series moved into the second half of its live-online heads-up matches from Las Vegas, and the results of the fourth heat started to point to a possible shakeup in the coming weeks.

The LA Sunset garnered six points in the Americas Conference to stay in second place but move only two points from the first-place Montreal Nationals. In that same division, a sweep for the San Francisco Rush moved that team a bit away from the bottom. Though still in fifth place, the chance for improving to fourth place rests on next week’s performance.

On the Eurasia side, the Moscow Wolverines maintained first-place status, but the London Royals floated into second place to tie the Hong Kong Stars for that spot. And a big win for the Paris Aviators helped solidify their chances to move into the top three next week.

Check out how it all happened over the last week in the GPL Cube.

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June 22:  Filatov Defeats Kenney

In a battle of the managers, Bryn Kenney of the New York Rounders took on Anatoly Filatov of the Moscow Wolverines to kick off this heat. The two mixed it up early with some big pots, including a double-up for Filatov, which he then took on to a win with 9-8 versus pocket sixes on a 9-8-6 board. Filatov rivered a flush. Kenney soared out to a big lead early in the next game and rather quickly beat his opponent with ace-high over a straight draw. Kenney took a big lead on the first hand of the tie-breaker, but the two then traded double-ups throughout the game until Filatov took a win for six total points.

June 23:  Holz Holds Off Kurganov

The Germans took to the Cube with Fedor Holz representing the LA Sunset and Igor Kurganov for the London Royals. The two got off to a cautious start but when Kurganov doubled into the lead, Holz consistently lost chips and then shoved with 9-8 against Kurganov’s Q-6, and queen-high took it down. Holz took control of the second game, though, and he ultimately challenged with J-5 on a Q-8-8-5-5 board. Kurganov called with A-Q to give Holz the points and tie it up. Holz jumped out to a massive lead in the last game, but Kurganov doubled twice to stay in action. Finally, though, Kurganov pushed with J-10 on a 10-9-5-2-2 board, but Holz had pocket nines and took six of the nine points in the match.

June 24:  Ball Beats Nitsche

Scott Ball of the Las Vegas Moneymakers took on Dominik Nitsche of the Berlin Bears, and the latter got ahead with pocket aces in several key hands. But it took 77 hands to close it out, and Nitsche grabbed the first three points. Ball was behind in the second game several times but continued to double, and he finally took tens into battle against the K-4 of Nitsche to tie up the match. Ball jumped out to a solid lead in the third game with pocket kings, but Nitsche found a way back. It wasn’t enough, though, as Ball had A-K when Nitsche decided to move all-in with K-10, and Ball took the last match for six points in total.

June 26:  Sammartino Smashes Lefrancois

Dario Sammartino was looking for much-needed points for his Rome Emperors against Pascal Lefrancois of the Montreal Nationals. The first game didn’t work out for the former, though, as Lefrancois quickly took control of the action and won it with aces over J-10. Sammartino got off to a good start in the second game, though, and despite a brief comeback from Lefrancois, the Italian took the lead back and then took pocket aces into battle against pocket deuces for the win. Sammartino started and stayed strong, ultimately waking up with pocket sixes against the A-10 of Lefrancois for victory and a total of six points for the Emperors.

June 26:  Soulier Surpasses Bauer

Paris Aviators team manager Fabrice Soulier was a last-minute replacement for Davidi Kitai in this second part of a double header, and Joao Bauer of the Sao Paulo Mets was in the other seat. Soulier was determined to turn things around after recent losses, and strong play in the first game led to his strong play. He doubled when needed and then took 10-8 into battle against the pocket jacks of Bauer but flopped a ten and turned an eight for the win. Soulier lost momentum in the second game when Bauer outflushed Soulier in a big hand. Bauer then won with Q-J over A-9 with a jack on the turn to tie up the match. The final game saw Soulier win in just one hand with A-6 against 9-5 and Soulier catching a flush. The Aviators took six points to turn around a recent downswing.

June 27:  Jaka Sweeps Lew

Faraz Jaka took his role as team manager of the San Francisco Rush to the highest level today in action against Randy “nanonoko” Lew of the Hong Kong Stars. Jaka started with a big hand to jump into the lead in the first game, though Lew did start a comeback with quads. But Jaka was focused and regained his lead, taking down the first game with A-6 over K-Q. The second game saw two cautious players in the beginning, but a big hand for Jaka with K-Q over K-6 with two pair for each on the board crippled Lew. Jaka then took pocket threes into the final hand to beat K-10. Lew looked strong as the final game began, but Jaka doubled into the lead and finally won with A-10 over 10-3 to complete a sweep of the Stars.

Summer Series Heat 4 Final Standings

Eurasia Conference:

  1. Moscow Wolverines: 110 points
  2. Hong Kong Stars: 103 points
  3. London Royals: 103 points
  4. Paris Aviators: 101 points
  5. Berlin Bears: 83 points
  6. Rome Emperors: 81 points

Americas Conference:

  1. Montreal Nationals: 124 points
  2. LA Sunset: 122 points
  3. Sao Paulo Mets: 109 points
  4. New York Rounders: 99 points
  5. San Francisco Rush: 83 points
  6. Las Vegas Moneymakers: 86 points

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