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The third heat of the Global Poker League’s Summer Series shook things up, especially for the Eurasia Conference, as the Las Vegas live matches hit the halfway point of the six-week series.

The biggest news is what didn’t happen. The London Royals and Montreal Nationals did not play a scheduled match due to players not being available for one of the teams. The GPL noted that there will be an announcement about that situation soon, but the wrap of Heat III shows no points for either team. When we have an update on when the match will be rescheduled, we will note it in our weekly update.

It was a good week for the top Eurasian teams, though. The Moscow Wolverines scored six points to put them up to 104, and since the Hong Kong Stars took only three points, that team stayed in second place with 103. The Royals, which had been the top team in that division, now sit in third place due to the aforementioned difficulties.

Nothing changed for the Americas, as even without any points, the Nationals had a substantial enough lead with 121 total points that no score this week still allows them to stay on top. The LA Sunset secured a solid second place with 116, and the Sao Paulo Mets continued to climb to 106.

There were no sweeps this week but plenty of excitement in the Cube. Check out the details of all of the matches below.

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Day 13 (June 17): Filatov Defeats Little

Jonathan Little of the Las Vegas Moneymakers started strong against Anatoly Filatov of the Moscow Wolverines, but the latter soared ahead with a timely A-Q move. Filatov then took pocket tens into battle against the K-9 of Little and caught another ten for good measure and the first three points. Filatov then took a big opportunity just 15 hands into the second game, and won quickly with the better two pair on a hot board. Little made a big comeback in the third game, though, and he took a huge lead with A-8 on a board of A-T-7-6 against the Q-4 of Filatov. The failed bluff of Filatov ousted him two hands later. Little grabbed three points, but Filatov walked away with six for the match.

Day 14 (June 19): Simao Shuts Down Kan

Joao Pires Simao entered the Cube for the Sao Paulo Mets to take on Raiden Kan of the Hong Kong Stars in the latter’s first-ever heads-up match. Simao jumped ahead pretty quickly with a successful bluff and then a big pot that left Kan with few chips. Kan doubled, but Simao won soon after. Kan held the lead for most of the second game, but when Simao took over, Kan pushed with pocket tens against the A-5 suited of Simao. The club flush made it on the turn, giving Simao another three points. Simao started with a big lead in the final game, but Kan doubled several times and got the chips in with 8-7 on a 7-4-2 flop. Simao had 10-4 and never improved, preventing a sweep. Simao collected six points, leaving three for Kan.

Day 15 (June 20): Rast Runs Over MacPhee

Brian Rast of the Berlin Bears immediately took the lead in his match against Kevin MacPhee of the New York Rounders. MacPhee fought back with a double-up, but Rast doubled back to leave MacPhee with just a few big blinds. Rast took the game a few hands later. The second game lasted only one hand. Rast woke up with pocket aces, and MacPhee risked it all with pocket tens on a board of 9-5-2-K. The five on the river gave Rast another quick victory. MacPhee was more determined in the third game and quickly doubled into a massive lead with A-K over A-J. Rast then pushed his 12K chips all-in with A-9 suited, but MacPhee had pocket aces, which easily stood up to the board. MacPhee picked up three points, but Rast took six for his team.

Day 16 (June 21): Kornuth Conquers Treccarichi

Chance Kornuth of the LA Sunset was the first player to compete without standing on his own two feet in the Cube, as an injury prompted him to lean on crutches before finally taking to a chair. Walter Treccarichi of the Rome Emperors was his opponent, hoping to claim some points for his struggling team. Kornuth mostly dominated the first game, though, and despite a big double for Treccarichi, Kornuth took A-2 against J-T and won. Treccarichi dominated much of the second game, though, and when his nines held up to the A-K of Kornuth, the Emperors garnered three points. Kornuth then came back from a chip deficit in the last game to run away with the lead, ultimately getting it in with K-T over K-8 for the win. Kornuth took six points, leaving only three for Treccarichi.

Day 17 (June 22): Wigg Whoops Leah

Anton Wigg of the San Francisco Rush and Mike Leah of the Paris Aviators got off to a cautious start in their match, but Wigg took a lead and then took K-J into battle against the pocket eights of Leah on a jack-high board for the win. After another slow start, Leah took the lead in the second game and then won with K-7 over J-5 to even the score. Wigg took a big pot early in the tie-breaker when he river a straight to beat the flopped trips of Leah. Not long after, Wigg had pocket tens against the J-T of Leah, and the pair held for Wigg. Leah took three points, but Wigg grabbed six points for his team.

Postponed match: Montreal Nationals versus London Royals

This match was postponed. Stay tuned for an announcement about its rescheduling.

Summer Series Heat 3 Final Standings

Eurasia Conference:

  1. Moscow Wolverines: 104 points
  2. Hong Kong Stars: 103 points
  3. London Royals: 100 points
  4. Paris Aviators: 95 points
  5. Berlin Bears: 80 points
  6. Rome Emperors: 75 points

Americas Conference:

  1. Montreal Nationals: 121 points
  2. LA Sunset: 116 points
  3. Sao Paulo Mets: 106 points
  4. New York Rounders: 96 points
  5. San Francisco Rush: 84 points
  6. Las Vegas Moneymakers: 80 points

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