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Today, fans of poker superstar Daniel Negreanu finally got the announcement they’d been anticipating for almost a year:

Premiering to great fanfare way back in August, at an exclusive party in Toronto, the Kid Poker documentary is now available to legions of people via one of the world’s most popular entertainment platforms, Netflix.

While I didn’t have the opportunity to attend that event, I am one of a few dozen people who sat in on a special screening of the film a few months ago. On the last night of my trip to cover the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure back in January, the movie was shown at the Atlantis Theatre.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a huge Negreanu fan, having followed his poker career for years now. I have interacted with him numerous times, had the opportunity to do a full-length video interview with Daniel on my own poker blog, and even a fun in-person interview with him right there in the Bahamas.

I’m positive that poker fans, like me, will just eat up the testimonials from other top pros, like Phil Ivey, Jennifer Harman, and Antonio Esfandiari, as they wax poetic about how they’ve watched Negreanu’s career blossom right before their eyes.

Beyond all the fun “action sequences” though, I was quite moved by the film as it covered far more ground than “just” a legendary poker career.

Negreanu’s Life, Off the Felt

Indeed, there’s plenty more to Negreanu’s story than his 6 WSOP bracelets, $32+ million in poker tournament winnings, and numerous other poker accolades and titles. In that regard, Kid Poker does a great job of giving us a behind-the-scenes peek at Daniel’s life away from the felt.

For instance, in some of the documentary’s most touching footage, we witness scenes from Daniel’s home life that paint a beautiful picture of the special relationship he had with his parents. Having been similarly close with my own mother and losing her when I was just 19, I can certainly identify with the feelings Daniel expresses when speaking so lovingly about his parents.

Daniel took part in a Q&A session after the Toronto premiere; it was his first time seeing the film. As you can see on his face and hear in his voice, his emotions couldn’t have possibly been more authentic.

A Great Job By PokerStars

I must doff my cap to the team at PokerStars that decided to make the film. Clearly the film’s Directors, Francine Watson and Gary Davis, understood that Negreanu’s life story would resonate both with poker fans and with a mainstream audience. They did a great job of compiling all the pieces of his life together – from professional to personal, from exciting to controversial – into an authentic, compelling 90-minute tale.

I won’t reveal more to you, as the personalities appearing throughout the documentary, most notably Daniel’s brother Mike, do a superb job of telling the story.

In closing, if my review isn’t enough to make you believe that the film is worth a watch, perhaps Daniel himself can convince you otherwise.



Robbie Strazynski

Robbie Strazynski is the founder of the poker blog, co-host of the Top Pair Home Game Poker Podcast, and co-creator of the Poker Notes Live mobile app. He has written for numerous gambling publications and has been part of the industry since 2009.