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The Global Poker Index completed the fifth week of its first season, and the performances are really beginning to make a difference in the overall standings. Players know that each point earned is a boost for his or her team, and they take it as seriously as that warrants.

While there are still a few players who have yet to appear on the GPL tables – ahem, actor Aaron Paul! – most of them are getting a feel for the tables and even the webcams. Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday is jammed full of solid poker play, and fans are tuning in to enjoy and take notes.

If you missed last week’s recap, click here to check it out. But for now, let’s get to this week’s happenings.

Day 13 (May 3): Rounders and Wolverines top divisions 

Lineup: Two six-max Eurasia tournaments, two six-max Americas tournaments.  

Team Manager Liv Boeree of the London Royals and Mike Leah of the Paris Aviators each notched a win and a fifth place finish in the games. The player who did the best in both games was Igor Yaroshevsky of the Moscow Wolverines, who grabbed third place in the first game and then second place in the second. Todd Brunson of the Rome Emperors took a second and fourth place, while Bill Perkins of the Berlin Bears and Bryan Huang of the Hong Kong Stars struggled, each exiting first in a game for no points and garnering just a few points in the other game.

The Wolverines climbed into first position in the Eurasia Conference, but the Aviators were close behind and trailed by only two points. The Emperors remained in sixth place with 35 points.

Tyler Kenney of the New York Rounders had another phenomenal day, taking a win in the second game and third in the first. Tony Gregg of the San Francisco Rush claimed a much-needed victory for his team but finished fourth in the second game. Felipe Mojave Ramos of the Sao Paulo Mets gained as many points as Kenney, though, by finishing second in both games. Chance Kornuth of the LA Sunset was partying at the European Poker Awards and binked fourth and sixth place finishes, while team manager Marc Andre Ladouceur of the Montreal Nationals took fifth and sixth place for one total point. Chris Moneymaker played one game for his Las Vegas Moneymakers and finished fifth, and Jonathan Little stepped in for the second game and took third.

The Rounders took a comfortable seat in first place of the Americas Conference, a clear seven points ahead of the Mets. The Las Vegas Moneymakers remained in last place for another day.

Day 14 (May 4): Leah puts Aviators back in first place 

Lineup: Three heads-up matches, three games per match for Eurasian teams 

Rome Emperors team manager Max Pescatori stepped in to show his team how it’s done, and he took two of the three games of this match from Weiyi Zhang of the Hong Kong Stars. Pescatori was aggressive and started all of the three games in the lead, but Zhang doubled to make a comeback in the third game. Though the two went back and forth, Zhang doubled again and went from a chip and a chair to victory to save himself from a sweep. The Emperors garnered six much-needed points, though.

Bill Perkins was anxious to play for his Berlin Bears, as was Igor Kurganov for his London Royals. The two got off to a roller-coaster start, but Kurganov came back to win the first game. Nothing went Perkins’ way in the second game, and Kurganov captured another three points. Perkins started the third game strong, though, and Kurganov did fight back but couldn’t fend off Perkins, who gladly took three points and avoided a sweep.

The always-entertaining team manager Anatoly Filatov was up for the challenge of playing Mike Leah of the Paris Aviators, and the two battled hard. Leah won a big flip in the first game and went on to win, and despite getting caught in a bluff in the second game, Leah won that one as well. Filatov quickly got to work on the third game, though, and won that one in just 13 hands.  

Day 15 (May 5): Busquet pushes Sunset up again 

Lineup: Three heads-up matches, three games per match for Americas teams.  

Thiago Nishijima of the Sao Paulo Mets had another good week, this time at dismay of Tom Marchese and the New York Rounders. Marchese’s bluffs weren’t good enough for a win in the first game, and a mistake allowed Nishijima to capitalize and win it. Marchese did win the second game by slow-playing aces, but Nishijima played a very aggressive third game. Despite Marchese on the comeback with quad queens, Nishijima stayed strong and took six of the nine available points.

Olivier Busquet was once again up for the LA Sunset, and his challenger was Marc Andre Ladouceur, team manager of the Montreal Nationals. And it was Ladouceur who bluffed into the lead and claimed the first victory of the match. Ladouceur looked strong in the second as well, but Busquet came from behind, doubled into a massive lead, and took the game. Busquet did nearly the same in the third game, doubling into the lead, losing it, and doubling back to take it home for six points. 

Jonathan Little sat in for Jake Cody of the Las Vegas Moneymakers, and Kitty Kuo was in for the San Francisco Rush. She fought hard in the first game and doubled to make it a tough game, but Little doubled back and soared to victory. Little didn’t falter in the second game and took a quick win, but Kuo started the third game with a straight flush to take the lead. Kuo stayed strong and captured the third game to prevent the sweep.

Week 5 Final Standings

Eurasia Conference: 

  1. Paris Aviators: 65 points
  2. Moscow Wolverines: 64 points
  3. Hong Kong Stars: 51 points
  4. London Royals: 49 points
  5. Berlin Bears: 45 points
  6. Rome Emperors: 41 points

Americas Conference:

  1. New York Rounders: 59 points
  2. Sao Paulo Mets: 55 points
  3. LA Sunset: 51 points
  4. Montreal Nationals: 51 points
  5. San Francisco Rush: 49 points
  6. Las Vegas Moneymakers: 47 points

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