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The Global Poker League wrapped its seventh week of online poker action. One more week and the crew will be off to Las Vegas for the Summer Series portion of the GPL, where players will gather live in a Sin City studio to battle for points alongside the WSOP events. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Week 7 was a big week for some team and a rough one for others. The Royals did quite well in the Eurasian division and moved up into a solid second place behind the Wolverines, while the Emperors remained in sixth place. In the Americas division, the Nationals had a stellar week and moved into first place, putting distance between them and the Rounders in second place. The Rush toughed it out in last place, but the Moneymakers are only two points ahead of them.

Here’s how it all went down.

Day 19 (May 17): Aviators, Stars, and Nationals Pick Up Points 

Lineup: Two six-max Eurasia tournaments, two six-max Americas tournaments.  

Eurasia players: Chris Moorman (London Royals), Todd Brunson (Rome Emperors), Sorel Mizzi (Berlin Bears), Alex Luneau (Paris Aviators), Igor Yaroshevsky (Moscow Wolverines), Guo Dong (Hong Kong Stars)

Luneau and Dong were the stars of the two games, with Luneau winning the first and then taking a third place finish, and Dong grabbed second place in both games. Mizzi made a solid debut for the Bears, despite being late for the first game and losing a point for his team. He was enthusiastic and entertaining, all while picking up third and fourth place points. Moorman took a victory in the second game to add to his fifth place finish from the first to garner eight points.

The Royals moved up to second place in the division, while the Aviators sat in third. The Wolverines maintained the overall lead, and the Emperors sunk further into last place.

Americas players: Tyler Kenney (New York Rounders), Fedor Holz (LA Sunset), Phil Galfond (San Francisco Rush), Scott Ball (Las Vegas Moneymakers), Mike McDonald (Montreal Nationals), Felipe Mojave Ramos (Sao Paulo Mets)

McDonald had the best run in the games, taking second place and then winning the second game for a total of 12 points. Holz did quite well, too, with third and second place finishes. Ball was really feeling more comfortable with the games, and it showed when he won the first and even when he took fifth in the second game. Ramos and Kenney both had tough days, each getting a sixth place and fourth place.

The Nationals firmly grabbed first place with this performance, and the Sunset moved into second, leaving the Rounders suddenly in third position. The Moneymakers gained a little ground, while the Rush stayed in last.

Day 20 (May 18): Mizzi Sweeps!

Lineup: Three heads-up matches, three games per match for Eurasian teams 

The Wolverines put in Andrey Pateychuk to battle Weiyi Zhang of the Stars. Both players started with some cautious play, but Zhang got aggressive and won the first game. Zhang stayed aggressive, picked off a Pateychuk bluff, and took A-9 for the win over pocket threes with a flopped ace to win the second game. Pateychuk had enough, though, and put his own aggressive plays to work to prevent the sweep. He ground up and finally won a coin flip of his own with fives over Zhang’s A-9 to garner three points.

Igor Kurganov was in to represent the Royals against Dario Sammartino of the Emperors. The two used Skype and the webcams to talk to each other during the entirety of the match, and their fun banter made the games even more enjoyable. Sammartino came out with a quick win in the first game, but Kurganov called Sammartino’s bluff in a big hand to take the second game. The last game didn’t take long, and Sammartino’s flush easily beat the missed straight of Kurganov to win six total points. And per their conversation during the game, Sammartino also won an hour of Kurganov as his assistant sometime during the summer’s WSOP tournaments.

Sorel Mizzi was looking to up his game from the solid debut from the previous day for the Bears, and Davidi Kitai was feeling fairly confident for the Aviators. But when play got underway, Mizzi simply soared, ground Kitai down to 12 big blinds, and grabbed the first win. Kitai started the second game on higher ground, but Mizzi doubled and climbed from there. Mizzi’s pocket sevens were good against the A-T of Kitai, and Mizzi took down another game. Kitai was determined to stop Mizzi in the third game, but Mizzi picked off a big bluff and doubled at the right time. Mizzi swept the match for a much-needed nine points.

Day 21 (May 19): Rounders Back to Second with Wheeler in the Groove

Lineup: Three heads-up matches, three games per match for Americas teams. 

Jason Wheeler took a seat for the Rounders against Jake Cody of the Moneymakers. Wheeler wasted no time and took down the first game in just seven hands with tens improving to a set to beat the two pair of Cody. The next game went back and forth, though, with Cody doubling up into a massive lead with a hero call and then clinching the win when his Q-J beat K-J with a queen on the river. Wheeler came back in the third game to pick off one of Cody’s bluffs and then take K-J into battle against K-T for the six points.

Olivier Busquet is a tough heads-up player for the Sunset, but Felipe Mojave Ramos was ready for the challenge for his Mets. The two battled back and forth with big swings in the first game, but it was Ramos who came back to grab the first win. Busquet quickly took the second game, though, in an extremely long hand that found Busquet with pocket tens against the A-T of Ramos. A ten on the flop gave the game to Busquet. Ramos then jumped into the last game and took it down in just two hands. Ramos’ J-8 flopped two pair against the Q-J of Busquet, and Ramos became the first player to take six points from Busquet in a heads-up match.

Pascal Lefrancois was up to bat for the Nationals against Jonathan Jaffe of the Rush. Lefrancois picked off a huge bluff from Jaffe in the first game and took that chip lead to victory. He then started the second game with a successful bluff, but Jaffe mounted a comeback. The two traded the chip lead and double-ups until Jaffe finally took Q-8 to battle against Q-5 to win three points. The third game was another double-up fiesta, but Jaffe came out ahead, and his sixes held against the A-4 of Lefrancois to go on for the win and six total points.

Week 7 Final Standings

Eurasia Conference:

  1. Moscow Wolverines: 87 points
  2. London Royals: 79 points
  3. Paris Aviators: 78 points
  4. Hong Kong Stars: 74 points
  5. Berlin Bears: 64 points
  6. Rome Emperors: 58 points

Americas Conference:

  1. Montreal Nationals: 87 points
  2. New York Rounders: 81 points
  3. LA Sunset: 79 points
  4. Sao Paulo Mets: 70 points
  5. Las Vegas Moneymakers: 63 points
  6. San Francisco Rush: 61 points

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