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Earlier this week, high stakes professional poker player Dan “Jungleman” Cates called in from Romania to join Joey Ingram in a two hour dialogue.

The 26-year old originally from Maryland has maintained a busy schedule since being drafted into the Global Poker League as a Berlin Bears team member. The May 9, 2016 broadcast with Ingram covers a wide range of topics that Jungleman’s fan base will be pleased to receive updates on.

Jungleman Throws Down Some Poker Strategy

If you’re a fan of Joey Ingram’s show, then you know that straight-up poker strategy is rarely discussed. After some introductory back-and-forth in which Cates told viewers that he’s been playing “everything,” the conversation naturally moved into strategy topics starting with how to value aces in two-card and four-card games.

Even Papi gets in on the strategy discussion. Those looking for a conversation that revolves around hand analysis mixed in with some high stakes banter and Manila live games will be thrilled with the first 20+ minutes.

The Lowdown on Tom Dwan

About 24 minutes into the show, Ingram brings up the epic Heads-Up Challenge between Cates and Tom “Durrrr” Dwan — which has been ongoing (if you can call it that) for the better part of six years.

There have been so many twists and turns in the Jungleman vs. Durrrr battle that it would be impossible to recap here. Suffice to say that Dwan accepted a wager in which he would pay out $1.5 million if Cates could best him after 50,000 heads-up hands.

The contest has been delayed on a number of occasions, and with Cates up well over $1 million after approximately 20,000 hands, Dwan has been criticized for welching on the prop bet — by refusing to continue.

From there, it gets into 2014 Big One for One Drop winner Dan Colman calling Dwan a “scammer” near the top of a TwoPlusTwo poll (2 out of 3 forum posters agreed with mrgr33n13). Then a few weeks ago training site Upswing Poker (headed by WSOP bracelet winner Doug Polk) released a video ridiculing Dwan.

Jungleman Cates makes a memorable appearance in the video at the 57-second mark, and the #SaveTom hashtag (along with about a dozen Easter Eggs) can be found in the clip.


Following some technical difficulties, Cates’ update gets back on track at 27 minutes of the Poker Life Podcast episode. “It’s getting pretty ridiculous at this point,” he explains. That would be a polite way of putting it if you ask Dwan’s critics.

There’s some good news on the Durrrr front, however. Rumors of Dwan being cuffed to a ball and chain inside some overseas dungeon with only sneakers to keep him company appear to be untrue. “He’s in New Jersey,” (see 28:45).

Ingram summarizes it best when he tells Cates, “What a fucked-up situation, buddy.”

More Money Owed to Jungleman

Cates’ Accounts Receivable column doesn’t end with a single entry with Dwan’s name on it. The high profile poker pro has been very open in the past about being owed money by several other personalities within the industry.

In a 2014 tell-all with, “Jungleman” claims to have been scammed for $1.9 million by David Lerner (PerkyShmerky). A chat log was also posted by HighStakesDB in which Cates accuses Viktor “Isildur1” Blom of owing him $100,000.

At the 30-minute mark, Jungleman references another poker-related debt and viewers can visibly see the frustration that goes hand-in-hand with being a debt collector. The unnamed person is “complete scum” according to Cates.

Two Hours of Jungleman Goodness

There are plenty of other topics that Ingram and Cates cover in their two hour segment. Future live streams, million dollar swings, the Global Poker League, and Game Theory Optimal (GTO) all get some love in the program.

David Huber

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