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Week 6 of the Global Poker Index was an exciting one, as a few teams garnered much-needed points to drive their teams up in the standings.

The Paris Aviators had dominated from the beginning of the season, but the Moscow Wolverines gained significant ground this week to overtake them for the top spot in the Eurasia Conference. And a heads-up sweep for the London Royals put them in a tie for second place with the Aviators.

As for the Americas Conference, the Nationals and Rounders remain in a serious battle for the top spot, but the LA Sunset really climbed this week to take a comfortable seat in third place in the division. As a result, though, the Sao Paulo Mets fell into fourth place.

Every point counts, and the players are more intense with each week of action. The games remain informative and sometimes entertaining, as viewers are able to pick up game tips and get glimpses into the lives of some of the best poker players in the world.

Let’s get to the rundown of what happened on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of this week.

Day 16 (May 10): Wolverines and Nationals Take Over 

Lineup: Two six-max Eurasia tournaments, two six-max Americas tournaments.  

Moscow Wolverines manager Anatoly Filatov was on fire during the two Eurasia games, finishing second in the first game and winning the second. Sam Trickett did well for his London Royals, too, by winning the first and taking third in the second game. On the other end of the spectrum, Paris Aviators manager Fabrice Soulier had a very tough day, finishing in last place in both games for zero points. Brian Rast of the Berlin Bears took fourth and fifth places, and Hong Kong Stars captain Celina Lin took fourth and second. Rome Emperors manager Max Pescatori sat in on the first game and took third place, and when the scheduled Mustapha Kanit came in for the second game, he only managed a fifth place finish.

The Wolverines soared into first place in the division, relegating the Aviators to second. The Royals also moved up, this time to third place. The Emperors remained in last place.

The star of the Americas games was Martin Jacobson of the Montreal Nationals, who took second in the first game and won the second one. Fedor Holz of the LA Sunset picked up some much-needed points with a third and second place, while Joao Bauer won the first game for seven points, though he busted first in the second game for zero additional points. Jason Mercier of the New York Rounders picked up a few points, and Tony Gregg of the San Francisco Rush only garnered one for each game for two fifth place finishes. The Las Vegas Moneymakers put in Jonathan Duhamel for the first game, but he busted first, and Scott Ball played the next one and made it to fourth place.

The Nationals took over the top spot in the division by a few points over the Rounders, while the Moneymakers stayed at the bottom with the Rush.

Day 17 (May 11): Bonomo Sweeps for Royals Boost 

Lineup: Three heads-up matches, three games per match for Eurasian teams 

Justin Bonomo of the London Royals was in superb form during his match against Randy “Nanonoko” Lew of the Hong Kong Stars. Both are incredible players, but Bonomo was aggressive and picked perfect spots. He took the first game in rather quick fashion, and though Lew started strong in the second game, Bonomo made a comeback and ground Lew down. Lew started the third game struggling as well, and despite some solid double-ups, he couldn’t beat Bonomo, who swept the games for nine total points and pushed his Royals up to a second-place tie in the Eurasian conference.

Building on the previous day’s Moscow Wolverines success, Sergey Lebedev came in strong to compete against Brian Rast of the Berlin Bears. While Lebedev took most of the big pots in the first match to coast to victory, he got lucky in many spots in the second game. The two players exchanged the lead, but Lebedev had it when Rast moved all-in with A-7 against the A-6 of Lebedev. But with a six on the flop, it was indicative of the Lebedev streak. Rast hit more hands in the third game, though, and he ran with it to grab three points and avoid the sweep. But the Wolverines took six points to solidify their first-place spot. 

Mustapha Kanit of the Rome Emperors was on time today for his heads-up action against the tough George Danzer of the Paris Aviators. Kanit took the first game rather quickly, and Danzer changed up his game a bit in the second, with both players enjoying the chip lead at various times. But Kanit won that one, too, pushing Danzer to get more aggressive in the third game. Kanit continued to get hot cards, but Danzer doubled several times when needed. He then took A-2 against the A-Q of Kanit and rivered a straight to take a big lead, and he pushed on for the win of three points.

Day 18 (May 12): Three Sweeps! 

Lineup: Three heads-up matches, three games per match for Americas teams.  

New York Rounders manager Bryn Kenney sat in for Jason Wheeler today and challenged Jonathan Jaffe of the San Francisco Rush. The first game was a bit back and forth, but Kenney ended up taking it down with 9-8 beating Jaffe’s K-J. Kenney dominated the second game and quickly won with pocket aces over pocket threes. Kenney was strong in the final game as well, taking down all nine points for the first sweep of the day.

Jason Lavallee of the Montreal Nationals and Darren Elias of the Sao Paulo Mets started their first game with a bit of caution, and Elias got in front for a short time before Lavallee doubled twice and then took the first three points. Elias couldn’t seem to find good spots in the second game, losing a huge pot with Q-6 on a 9-7-7-4-T board against the J-9 and top pair of Lavallee, who won that game soon after. Elias came on strong in the third game, but Lavallee doubled twice to take a big lead, then won with A-K over A-8 for the sweep. 

Fedor Holz of the LA Sunset was challenging Jonathan Duhamel of the Las Vegas Moneymakers, and he continually built a stack in the first game. Holz ultimately won the game with A-5 over pocket fours. Duhamel couldn’t catch a break in the second game, and Holz took a massive pot with T-9 of diamonds and a rivered straight flush. He won soon after. Duhamel led at the beginning of the third game, but Holz overtook him and crushed that game for the third sweep of the day, a first for the GPL. 

Week 6 Final Standings 

Eurasia Conference: 

  1. Moscow Wolverines: 82 points
  2. Paris Aviators: 68 points
  3. London Royals: 68 points
  4. Hong Kong Stars: 58 points
  5. Berlin Bears: 51 points
  6. Rome Emperors: 51 points

Americas Conference:  

  1. New York Rounders: 73 points
  2. Montreal Nationals: 72 points
  3. LA Sunset: 68 points
  4. Sao Paulo Mets: 62 points
  5. Las Vegas Moneymakers: 52 points
  6. San Francisco Rush: 51 points


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