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Week 4 of the Global Poker League’s inaugural season saw a routine start to develop. Most of the players began to find their groove, and fans knew exactly when to tune in to see some of their favorite players compete at the online tables.

It has become apparent that the points and reputation of the teams are affecting the players. They are taking the games very seriously, despite playing only for points. While they are accustomed to playing for high stakes and big tournament titles, they find themselves intensely competing for the points. The team aspect of the GPL is showing how much fun and excitement can build in the games.

Let’s get to the action of the fourth week with a rundown of each of the three days and their respective matches. To get caught up with past weeks, check out the Week 1 recap here, Week 2 overview here, and Week 3 summary here.

Day 10 (April 26): Wolverines attack and West Coast Rules 

Lineup: Two six-max Eurasia tournaments, two six-max Americas tournaments.  

Anatoly Filatov of the Moscow Wolverines and Celina Lin of the Hong Kong Stars were the team managers playing in this match, and Filatov did quite well with a second place finish in the first game and a win in the second. Alexandre Luneau of the Paris Aviators won the first game but busted early in the second. But it was Walter Treccerichi who couldn’t pick up much momentum, finishing fifth and sixth for one total point. Others in action were Jeff Gross picking up a solid eight points for his Berlin Bears, and Chris Moorman grabbing two points in each game.

The Aviators stayed on top, but the Wolverines climbed in to second place, only one point behind. The Berlin Bears finally got out of last place where the Rome Emperors took over in that sixth position.

Anton Wigg had a great day for the San Francisco Rush, winning one game and coming third in the other. Olivier Busquet didn’t do too badly himself, winning the first game and finishing fourth in the second. Jonathan Little and Scott Ball each played a game and garnered points for the Las Vegas Moneymakers, though Tom Marchese of the New York Rounders, Jason Lavallee of the Montreal Nationals, and Darren Elias of the Sao Paulo Mets each played both games. Elias and Lavallee each took a sixth place finish but made it up in the other games.

The Sunset was able to push up to third place from fourth with good finishes here, and the Rush got out of last place, where the Mets now reside.

Day 11 (April 27): Gross Sweeps to Push Bears up to Fourth 

Lineup: Three heads-up matches, three games per match for Eurasian teams 

Vanessa Selbst made her GPL debut for the London Royals in this match against Anatoly Filatov, team manager of the Moscow Wolverines. The educational and sometimes entertaining games started with Filatov making a comeback to win the first game, but Selbst took a quick second game as her own to even it up. Filatov soared in the third game and hits a magic river card to capture six points.

Match 2 pitted two favorites against each other, as Bertrand ElkY Grospellier of the Paris Aviators took on Randy Nanonoko Lew of the Hong Kong Stars. Players from around the world tuned in as Grospellier quickly took the first game, but Lew fought hard to win the second. Grospellier started well in the third game, but Lew doubled into the chip lead and went on to win with pocket queens over J-9. 

Todd Brunson took a seat for the Rome Emperors for the first time in this GPL season, and he was up against Jeff Gross, who did a great job the day before for the Berlin Bears. Gross was on point again, quickly taking the first game by cracking aces with 8-7. Brunson couldn’t gain much momentum during the second game either and lost to Gross again. Brunson started well in the third game to avoid a sweep, but Gross picked off bluffs and hit great cards to win the third game and take all nine points. 

Day 12 (April 28): Nishijima Gets on the Board 

Lineup: Three heads-up matches, three games per match for Americas teams.  

Jonathan Jaffe made his GPL debut for the San Francisco Rush in this match, and Thiago Nishijima of the Sao Paulo Mets sought points after getting swept during his own debut. Jaffe came out swinging and took the first game quickly, but Nishijima took a difficult second game and topped it off with a quick third game to capture six points for his Mets.

Olivier Busquet of the LA Sunset had been holding up the team for several weeks, and Tom Marchese of the New York Rounders was going to try to stop him. Busquet took the first game, however, by nabbing a two-outer to save his jacks against the A-5 and flopped ace for Marchese. The two battled back and forth hard in the second game until Marchese took his three points, but Busquet stayed calm and went on to win the third to maintain his stellar reputation in the GPL. 

Scott Ball was back for the Las Vegas Moneymakers, and Jason Lavallee was determined to get some points for the Montreal Nationals. Even though Ball was dressed in Canadian gear for the webcam, he couldn’t translate that into a win, as Lavallee sucked out with A-8 to defeat A-Q for the first win. Ball made a comeback to grab the second game, but Lavallee controlled the third game and cracked Ball’s aces to win and take three points for his team.

Week 4 Final Standings 

Eurasia Conference: 

  1. Moscow Wolverines: 53 points
  2. Paris Aviators: 51 points
  3. Hong Kong Stars: 46 points
  4. Berlin Bears: 39 points
  5. London Royals: 35 points
  6. Rome Emperors: 28 points

Americas Conference:  

  1. Montreal Nationals: 47 points
  2. New York Rounders: 46 points
  3. LA Sunset: 43 points
  4. Las Vegas Moneymakers: 40 points
  5. Sao Paulo Mets: 39 points
  6. San Francisco Rush: 37 points

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