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Pierre Neuville is known for many things in poker, from his record-setting number of PokerStars satellites that took him to European Poker Tour events to his 2015 appearance at the WSOP Main Event final table. This month, he is embarking upon a new endeavor to create a poker team that promotes dental health and its effect on players.

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European dental clinic Dental-Suite is sponsoring the team, which is comprised of Neuville and Belgian poker pro Fabrice Halleux. The duo is making its debut at the EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo and then head to Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker, ultimately growing throughout the year as they travel to more tournaments.

Finding Something to Smile About

Neuville has struggled with dental problems for many years. When problems arose, the traveling poker pro had to visit random dental offices around the world, whether in the United States or Europe. More permanent solutions were not feasible, mostly because of his hectic schedule and the inability to schedule months of appointments for repairs and surgeries.

After the November Nine in 2015, Neuville was put in touch with Dr. Joschem Heibach of Dental-Suite, who was a fan of Neuville’s poker career. He informed Neuville of a solution to his dental problems, though there was one caveat. The doctor wanted to organize a poker home game with friends, including Neuville, the night before the dental work began.

pierre neuville

Quick planning led to Neuville taking a flight to Cologne, Germany. The home game was enjoyable, and it was followed by 36 hours of care at the clinic. Neuville returned home to rest, and eight days later, a follow-up visit in Cologne ended the process, and he had an entirely new smile that will last 25 years.

“The horrors of all preceding years were washed away,” said Neuville. “It felt like a miracle to finally be able to smile and feel comfortable, a feeling that will now last for many years to come.”

And of course, he wanted to spread the news to others. “It is always difficult for top poker players to get top dentist care because of time. But Dr. Heibach will now arrange with poker players to get an immediate appointment, taken on a plane, and all care complete in 48 hours.”

It was tough for Neuville to contain his excitement about the project, and he emphasized that the service is also idea for others who travel, like athletes, musicians, etc.

Spreading the Joy

Halleux and Neuville have known each other for years. Halleux actually began his poker career as primarily an online player but hired Neuville as a coach about four years ago to take his game to the next level. And when Neuville made the November Nine, he chose Halleux as the captain of his preparation team.

It turns out that Halleux had the same type of dental problems with which he struggled for ten years and arranged treatment with Dr. Heibach. “Not only did Dr. Heibach save my health by performing world-class work on my teeth, but he also showed a real love for the game of poker, and that has led to this revolutionary team.”

pierre neuville

Halleux added, “A healthy smile and playing on a poker team chosen by Pierre Neuville is a dream come true.” Neuville was just as excited about the partnership. “Being able to bring Fabrice onto this team gives me immense joy. He is a passionate poker player who works on his game tirelessly, and I’m convinced that being on this team will push him to an even higher level.”

Though Neuville had numerous sponsorship opportunities after his WSOP Main Event final table, he truly wanted to find the right one. “I only wanted to be associated with brands that support good health, and until I met Dr. Heibach, I didn’t think it was possible.”

Reaching Out

Neuville’s wife, Claudine, is also an integral part of the Dental-Suite team. While she won’t be at any poker tables with chips in her hands, she will be on hand at the tournaments with information about the Dental-Suite services for any poker players who may be interested. She will coordinate and organize any treatments needed with Dr. Heibach, no matter the complexity of the treatment required.

There is little that compares to the excitement exhibited by Neuville about his new smile and the new poker team. His desire to help others is paramount in his life – as this author can attest – and that enthusiasm will likely be on full display at the EPT in Monaco in the coming days.

Jennifer Newell

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