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Spin and Go tournaments are insanely popular on PokerStars and they’re about to get even more popular with the addition of Omaha Spin & Gos. PokerStars made the announcement via press release on Wednesday that the second most popular poker variant in the world will now be available in the popular hyper-turbo format.

PokerStars Pro Lex Veldhuis praised the offering, stating, “Omaha is just perfect for Spin & Go. There will be a lot of action because you can play so many hands, but it’s also really hard to knock people out in PLO. This will make for some very intense situations when the multipliers get high. I can’t wait to try them.”

Yes, We Said OMAHA Spin & Go

If you love Omaha poker, and what action junkie doesn’t, then you’ll love Omaha Spin & Gos. They have the same format as NL Hold’em spinners with three players competing for a “Winner Takes All” prize most of the time. The exception is the highest prize tiers where all players get at least 10% of the first place prize.

Spin & Go

The payout ranges from 2x to 10,000 times your initial buy-in. A $1 Omaha Spin & Go has a first place prize ranging from $2 to $10,000. According to the press release, Omaha Spin & Go tournaments will be offered with buy-ins of $1, $3, $7 and $15. The $15 flavor offers a top prize of $150,000.

Action, Action and More Action

Omaha poker is an action-heavy game due to the number of potential combinations available. Players are going to play more hands and action on all streets will go into overdrive compared to NL Hold’em.

Spin & Go Omaha Flush

All this action will mean one thing for many players – variance. Omaha poker is a high variance game. Couple that with the high variance nature of Spin & Gos, and players can expect a wild time.

Players Wanted More Choice and Now They Have It

When Spin & Go poker first launched, some players including myself wanted more choice. Not surprisingly, Omaha was at the top of player wish lists.

According to PokerStars’ Director of Poker Operations and Innovation Severin Rasset, “Omaha is a highly enjoyable poker variant and was quite high up on our players’ request list to deliver it as a Spin & Go. So we’re really pleased to be able to do this and hope that it will be as popular in this format as it is in our cash games.”

Will We Get Additional Formats?

With the addition of Omaha Spin & Go events, does this open the door for additional variants? Hold’em and Omaha are the most popular forms of poker, but they are not the only games that players enjoy on PokerStars.

PokerStars is in a unique position where they could offer other forms of Spin & Gos as a viable alternative. Smaller sites may not be able to justify the offerings due to the lack of volume in other games.

Personally, I’d love to see several formats offered in Spin & Go. Omaha Hi-Lo and Stud Hi-Lo would be a pair of split-pot variants that could prove popular. Why not try some of the Triple Draw variants like 2-7, NL 2-7 or even Badugi. NL 5 Card Draw could even work.

Some old school players might not like the idea of playing Stud as a Spin & Go, but it might just appeal to new players looking to try out the game but not wanting to take the time necessary to play a standard game.


James Guill

James Guill began his poker career in 2006, spending two years traveling the US tournament circuit. Since 2008, he has covered the game extensively for some of the biggest names in the industry. When not writing about the latest poker news, he can be found hunting for antique treasures in Central Virginia.