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When Poker Central began airing its original show called Pokerography, it was an immediate hit with the audience. Rarely do poker fans and aficionados get the opportunity to see documentary-style programming that dives deep into the lives of professional poker players.

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Now, the second original show from Poker Central is set to premiere. Inside Poker with Matt Savage will air for the first time on Monday, March 7 at 9:30pm ET (6:30pm PT), with a repeat scheduled for 12:30am ET (8:30pm PT) that night. The show can be seen on

As Crisp as a Matt Savage Suit

Poker fans will get a different kind of insight into the poker world with the new show, full of unfiltered conversations and inside information straight from top pros and industry insiders.

Matt Savage is the obvious host of Inside Poker with Matt Savage, and it only makes sense that he was tapped to host this show. Savage is as much of an insider in poker as a person can get, though he remains one of the most approachable people in the industry.

He has been a part of the poker world since the age of 21, spending much of that time as a tournament director. He enjoyed his job enough to become one of the founding members of the Tournament Directors Association, and he has worked with organizations like the World Poker Tour and World Series of Poker. Currently, he serves as the Executive Tour Director for the WPT and just won the American Poker Awards honor of “Industry Person of the Year” for 2015.

When Savage talks to poker players, he has a way of encouraging honest conversations, which will be the crux of the new show. Whether discussing controversial topics, getting the scoop on events, or soliciting poker advice and tips, Savage gets it all from his guests and brings it to viewers with the new production.

Mutual Respect

Poker Central put us in touch with Savage, who explained how he made his guests comfortable enough in front of the lights and cameras to be honest with the audience. “Because we have worked together for years,” explained Savage, “there is a mutual respect between the players and myself that you can see on the show. Players find it easy to open up to me because I know their inside stories and their backgrounds. I know them as the interesting people that they are, so I know how to ask questions to bring that side of them out.”

With audiences set to discover a side of poker that will be new to them, Savage is particularly looking forward to their reactions. “I’m excited that viewers get to see the other side of the players,” he told Poker Update. “It’s important to know that they are not only poker players and stars in the poker world, they’re also people with interesting and exciting stories that everyone will find fascinating and easy to relate to. Viewers normally only see them at the tables; I bring out a completely different viewpoint compared to typical poker shows.”

Though Mike Matusow is featured on the premiere episode, Savage is also excited for future episodes to air, such as those featuring Mike Sexton, Nolan Dalla, and Jennifer Tilly. “Mike is a wonderful ambassador of the game and so influential; he’s done so much to make it what it is today. Nolan is larger than life – bombastic, enthusiastic, yet outspoken about the hot topics in poker. And of course, the lovely and charming actress and celebrity Jennifer is an easy yet exciting interview because she is so natural and open.”

Premiere Episode

As mentioned, Mike Matusow will be a part of the first episode of Inside Poker with Matt Savage, which takes a look at the WSOP when Greg Merson became its Main Event champion in 2012. The show also features exclusive discussions with WSOP Executive Director Ty Stewart, as well as Merson himself, who played the poker of his life while struggling with sobriety. The setting is the Rio in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Forthcoming episodes will take place at locations like Commerce Casino and the Bicycle Club in Los Angeles, Seminole Hard Rock in Florida, and Foxwoods Casino.

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