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Over the last decade, Canada has risen as a force in the poker world. Our neighbor to the north has produced some of the greatest players in the game, including the game’s all-time tournament leader.

One advantage that Canadians have over other nations is the ability to take a short flight or drive to some of America top poker venues. This allowed some players to grow their game even before online poker expanded the game globally. Today we will take a brief look at the players that top Canada’s All-Time Money List.

Negreanu Leads Canada and The World – Former WSOP Champ Duhamel Second

Daniel Negreanu
is not only Canada’s All-Time Money Leader but he also sits atop the Global All-Time Money List with $32 million in lifetime tournament earnings. Second on the list is 2010 WSOP Main Event Champ Jonathan Duhamel. A pair of bracelet victories in 2015 pushed him up to second all-time in Canada.

Below are the Top 20 players on Canada’s All-Time Money List

  1. Daniel Negreanu – $32,619,169888poker-Canadian-offer
  2. Jonathan Duhamel – $17,636,422
  3. Mike McDonald – $13,082,972
  4. Sorel Mizzi – $11,211,751
  5. Michael Watson – $9,303,256
  6. Gavin Smith – $6,300,519
  7. Shawn Buchanan – $5,933,866
  8. Mike Leah – $5,392,961
  9. Tuan Lam – $4,851,424
  10. Andrew Chen – $4,726,034
  11. Nanad Medic – $4,622,589
  12. Scott Montgomery – $4,525,114
  13. Sam Greenwood – $4,270,215
  14. Timothy Adams – $4,120,146
  15. Alan Engle – $3,982,194
  16. Andrew Pantling – $3,741,149
  17. Griffin Benger – $3,645,598
  18. Glen Chorny – $3,544,230
  19. Randy Holland – $3,510,225
  20. Amichai Barer – $3,293,804

Canada is Poker’s Other Superpower

When it comes to live poker, the United States has long been the superpower in the game due to the various venues that includes Las Vegas. Despite the global expansion of the game, many top players choose to move to the U.S. or spend a significant portion of their careers playing in the U.S.

In recent years, Canada has become poker’s other superpower. With Negreanu leading the way and many top poker stars in the live arena and playing online poker in Canada, this great country is poised to continue developing world class poker players for decades to come.

These are the best 2016 online poker sites in Canada:

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