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Phil Ivey’s prolonged losing streak online is beginning to impact his place in the history books. After finishing 2015 as the biggest loser online, Ivey is now #3 all-time for online cash game earnings.

Daniel Cates, aka jungleman12, is now #2 all-time with $11.53 million in career cash game earnings. Ivey finished down for the third year straight, leaving some to wonder if the online game has passed the man once considered the most dominant poker player in history.

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Ivey Finishes #1 and #3 on 2015 Losers List to Continue Three-Year Downswing

Phil Ivey just couldn’t catch a break in 2015. He held the dubious distinction for holding both the top and third place spot on the losers list for last year. On PokerStars, he dropped $2.48 million as ‘RaiseOnce’. On Full Tilt, he dropped $1.25 million at Polarizing. He finished the year down a combined $3.73 million.

Last year was the third straight losing year for Ivey. Ivey began his downswing in 2013 by dropping $2.44 million, all on Full Tilt Poker. In 2014, Ivey dropped $2.37 million to finish second on the losers list. Gus Hansen’s epic losses both years kept Ivey out of the top spot. Hanson lost $8.46 million in 2013 and $5.86 million in 2014.

From 2013 through 2015, Ivey has dropped $8.54 million.

Ivey Now #3 All-Time in Online Cash Game Earnings

Ivey’s three-year slide has knocked him down from #2 to #3 on online poker’s All-Time cash game earners. Ivey now has a combined $10.44 million in online cash game earnings, third behind Patrik Antonius and Daniel Cates.

Antonius leapfrogged Ivey a couple of years ago and is presently up $17.03 million in online cash games. Daniel Cates moved up into the #2 spot after Ivey 2015 performances. Cates plays on Full Tilt as jungleman12 and on PokerStars as w00ki3z. He now has combined earnings of $11.53 million.

Ivey’s spot on the All-Time online cash game winners list is safe – for now. Di Dang is presently fourth with $8.08 million in earnings. Phil Galfond is fifth with $7.88 million.

So What’s the Problem?

Credit: PokerStars

Credit: PokerStars

Looking at Ivey’s stats in terms of losses per variant, one can easily see that he’s struggling in most games. Of course, like most high stakes pros his biggest losses are in PL Omaha. Over $4 million of his $8.54 million in losses have come via PLO. He also has around $2 million in 8-Game losses and $2.4 million in Draw variant losses.

The only areas where Ivey hasn’t lost is playing H.O.R.S.E. and Omaha Hi-Lo over on PokerStars. He’s up over $400k in H.O.R.S.E and up over $800k in O8. If nothing else, that shows that his last three years were not a total wash.

The question now becomes whether the online game has passed Ivey by or if this is indeed just a prolonged downswing brought on due to a lack of focus on his online play. Ivey has continued to frequent high stake games around the world and his various business ventures have cut into his poker time.

Ivey is expected to become a first-ballot Poker Hall of Famer later this year and this would be the perfect time for him to rebound. Even if it is a modest win of only a few hundred thousand, Ivey needs a win for 2016 to prove that he is still relevant to the online game.

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